TA near Derby

Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help.....

I live in Derby, and I want to join TA, preferably somewhere that offers training as a Medic...

Tried the Army website, but pages are still under construction, therefore rendering them pretty useless....

I'm hoping that someone on here can point me in the right direction, please.

Thanks, The Therapist.


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Clicky the link in my sig block and fire in your postcode. Admittedly it does depend on your local unit actually having added their contact details but you never know.

Edit: In fact, here you go

Detachment C (222) Medical Squadron (Volunteers)
Sinfin Lane TA Centre

DE24 4GL
Tel: 01332 762728

you could also join the Signals in derby and train as a Combat Med Tech

if that floats your boat 46 signal squadron based near mark eaton island i think
Yeah, tried the map, thanks sixty and msr, but it doesnt really give me much info on what I'll actually be doing if I join.....

If anyone goes, and can tell me what its like, I'd really appreciate it.....especially if you've done the Combat Med Tech training? Or if anyone knows what it involves/ what qualifications you need to join?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again, Therapist
Phone them up and arrange an interview on their drill night.

If your after Infantry then it's Mansfield.

C Company West Midlands Regiment soon to be Mercian

Bath Street
NG18 1BA
Tel: 01623 632 044
Are you a medic already? If you are (nurse/doctor) join 222, if not look at 46 Signal Squadron - I don't think they have a medic which would put you in a enjoyable position (needed, respected, etc). I believe CMT in medic units are pretty limited in what they can do except from put up tents etc but in a non medic unit they have a lot more to do (get to treat people etc not just be another bod in the unit)

p.s. If your in the NHS I'll even show you a medical computer system thats been delivered on time and on budget. Sorry auto pilot/geek
Thanks polar, thats some really good advice....I think I'll look into 46 Signal Squadron then.

The Therapist
Sorry, just to add...If anyone reading this is in any of the above mentioned Squadrons, can you give me a bit of background info on them.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses,

The Therapist
46 Sig Sqn have the best attendance in 38 Sig Regt so they must be doing something right.

p.s. The rumours about kinky sheep parties I believe are false.

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