TA name change

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by kiloarmy, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Armynet have started a survey on a new name for the TA. Log on to Armynet site to reg your new name. They have some crackers on the site!!
  2. how do you check the suggestions?

    British Army (V) was my suggestion...

    One Army and all that...
  3. Looks like somebody on ArmyNet has been reading ARRSE! The introductory paragraph could have been lifted from any number of recent posts!

    And I'm sure the merits of 'Army Auxiliary' has been debated on here before...
  4. Tried to think of something that encapsulates the phrase "Don't rely on your TA pay!"

    Yes you've guessed it, not been paid yet. I know JPA blah blah blah!.

    How many civi firms could get away with that?. (Expecting to get some stick for whinging!)
  5. Calling the TA 'A Swedish Nymphomaniac' could mean a massive upsurge of new recruits.

    Just imagine telling your colleagues, "I'm going away for the weekend with 'A Swedish Nymphomaniac', do you fancy fancy coming along next time?"

    Oh sure, they might be disappointed, but at least they won't be expecting helicopters.

  6. "The mime white water rafting club"

    Because you arn't going to do it any other fucking time. :)
  7. british army (on the cheap)
  8. British Army (Volunteers)
    "Be associated with The best"
  9. British Army Reserve

    you'll always find the Ta in a BAR anyway!!
  10. British Army (Lite)

    GHalf the gear half the money
  11. How about "British Army" given our One Army ethos?

    Mind you anyone working with spanners will be an ARSE Army Reserve Specialist Engineer) :thumright:
  13. Like it.
  14. Having just done an Infantry Ex, how about:

    MRC = "Midnight Rambling Club"

    Or, from our last comms Ex:

    MPAS = "Mobile Phone Appreciation Society"

  15. It's been done before and didn't work, they reverted back to TA from TAVR.