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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MSOTA-90, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I posted this in "Joining the TA" but on second thought, maybe the people who are more likely to know the answers to the questions I'm asking would be in this forum.

    I'm hoping to join 243 Field Hospital at some point in the next year, as I would like to do something part time that I'm interested in, and that makes a difference. I've always thought about joining the army, and had initially thought that I might want to join as a driver or a clerk (I'm not doing a medical degree), but I've recently looked more closely at the job of an Officer in the RAMC.

    So do Volunteer Field Hospitals need MSOs? By which I mean, is it likely that if I met the physical standards and passed selection, they would have a position for me? The only other unit local to me is an infantry one, which I'm less interested in, but I assume Infantry units have more of a need for officers (because Field Hospitals have MOs).

    Also, what would my duties as an MSO in the TA be?

  2. My only question at this point is, what qualifications do you have to warrant your consideration by the RAMC to offer you a commission?
  3. I'm not sure whether you mean qualifications in a literal, academic sense or what qualifies me as a person, so:

    Academically, I don't have too many qualifications. I attained AABB at A level, and I'm about to start a degree in History at a good university (top ten in the subject, I think). I'm not immediately interested in joining an OTC, but the University campus I'm going to doesn't actually have one, the nearest one is a considerable distance away.

    As a person, I've got a strong sense of duty and I'm determined to join the army in some capacity, but the idea of being an Officer in a Field Hospital is especially appealing to me. For quite a while in high school I wanted to be a Doctor, before realising that my skills just didn't lie in science as much as they did in humanities. I have a high level of dedication to things that I pick up, and I'd hope to prove that I'm an intelligent and quick-thinking person that would be suited to the position of an Officer in the RAMC if I was given the chance to test and prove myself.

  4. Your best bet is to join the UOTC. The training will be based around the academic year & allow you to focus on what you are at University to achieve - getting a good degree.

    You can go through the TACC in the UOTC & then once you have passed this & know where you are going to settle down find a Regiment/Corps to join. I did TA and University but was already an Officer & it was hard enough in the just post Cold War days.

    I would shudder just thinking how anyone could do TACC through TA Gp A while reading for a degree at the same time. It's not impossible but the concensus of opinion on ARRSE has always tended towards "don't do it".
  5. I wouldn't mind joining a UOTC if there was one at the University I'm attending. Obviously I would like to get as good a degree as I'm capable of, so if they're that incompatible I'll have to think again. I'll PM you the University and the issue, I would rather not advertise it on a public board.
  6. PM sent. Travelling time is one of the biggest issues with serving in an independent Unit rather than specialist. Most of my Soldiers had not even thought about being Signallers, they'd just come to the closest TAC to work/home.

    Good luck!
  7. Cheers Captain, PM sent in reply.
  8. I hope that the UOTCs aren't first in the firing line for all the Defence cuts that have been proposed. My advice? Get in quick and fight your case to go TA if it goes arrse-over-TAt
  9. That question often crosses my mind when dealing with some Regular LE MSOs of my acquaintance.
  10. miaowwwwwwwww :)
  11. if you say you skills dont lie in science wouldnt you be better off going for infantry or something like that seing as your degree is in history?
  12. I remember when I made the decision not to renew my enlistment - it was on being told by an extremely snotty LE MSO that I had failed the pre-course test for the CMT1(V) course as "I obviously had no understanding of medical terminology". He was a bit put out when I told him I understood it enough to be a Charge Nurse in Recovery / ITU.

    (For the record, two of us failed, both having been told by an idiot in AMS HQ that administered the Specialist units totally the wrong information to brush up on - he told us to look at clinical stuff, the exam was all about things like capacity of Puma's etc - difficult to bluff. A few years later, I wondered if both of us (she was a paramedic) would have been of any use in Telic or it's aftermath, but by that stage we were out.)