TA MSO Eligability criteria

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by rechymech208, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. does anyone know if there is an MSO role in TA med units and if so what is the eligability criteria.
  2. So let's get this right............you want an RAMC (OR) Mess Dress and also want to be an MSO..................??

    Slowly slowy chap..................
  3. nope, im quite happy as an ODP cpl, my shift leader wants to join but as an ex theatre manager wants a commission. as hes ODP and not nurse trained they said he couldnt commission and stay in role, someone suggested MSO........the mess dress is for me
  4. I have a WO1/Officer AMS Mess dress for sale:

    46" chest
    34/6 "waist
    32 inside leg
    6ft tall
    Size 9, Patent George boots
    Excellent condition of course!

    Photo's on request PM me for further info
  5. Hmmm really. There are commissioned ODP slots in the TA. Not sure how many are vacant or in what units but not hard to find out.
  6. You've been trying to get rid of that Mess Dress ever since you left Dundee:nod:
  7. Well not tried very hard, cant let go!!

    Should really try harder I know!!.... Perhaps new boy for 225?