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Hi I'm quite tempted to join the local TA field hospital over here. Question is - is it worth joining as a student (everyone knows medical students are a waste of space)? The recruiting officer I was talking to the other day was quite keen for me to join as a student as i'd have more time to do the training. What earthly use is there for a 2nd Lt medical student in a field hospital? And advice or comments gratefully received.
Somebody has to mop the blood off the floor!! :lol: Seriously though, you should join as it will be a great experience and you may well learn a lot. Plus it pays well so you won't have to say "large fries with that Sir" :D
It's good fun, I speak from personal experiance. If you ask nicely you can train with both OTC and your local TA field hospital for extra money and drinking.
I'm a final year med student. Joined local Fd hosp in my first year but very quickly transfered to the OTC. I would recommend joining the OTC as you'll have much more fun and get a better idea of how the army works and do lots of AT. Once you have done OTC for a couple of years then if you really want to join a TA medicalunit then why not Be the Best and join 144 : ) - see http://www.reserve-forces-london.org.uk/Units/1052/ (detachments in London, Nottingham, Cardif and Glasgow).
I would highly recommend that you join the Fd Hosp, the opportunities are endless, personal and professional developement while getting paid, Adventure Training and having your ability broadened by mixing with specialists from all walks of the medical profession.

The committment is minimul and if it gets too much for you due to studies then it is always possible to transfer to a specialist unit and have a smaller committment.

Get in now and start qualifying for bounty also if you join up now you are most likely going to be able to attend annual camp and some of the Hospitals are going to some top quality locations for a two week camp.

PM me if you need any further info.

Good Luck
I cant comment on the OTC as i have never been a member, but i am a student nurse currently serving with a field hospital. I find that the real advantage of being part of a medical unit as a student is that you recieve training that relates directly to your study (alongside the military training that you would get with either type of unit.) You also have an opportunity to network with qualified staff who you may well find yourself working with in the future (on a placement or later when qualified.) There are also nurses and docs of pretty much any speciality in the units, so come essay time there are always people to give hints and tips!

Dont worry about the issue of mobilisation during your training, the ams does not compulsary mobilise student docs and nurses, as their view is you will be of much more use to them when you qualify. They are also very understanding when uni commitments mean you arent available for exercises/camp etc.
If i were you i would join the OTC as you will probably have more fun there and it will give you a bit of a wider knowledge of the Army.
Not quite sure why 144 para med sqn would be your choice but thanks to FFD1 for the suggestion!!
Personally, I believe all Med students should be shot at birth......... :wink: ..........however, from a Medical point of view, the TA Field Hospital will give you a better insight into the AMS and the roles of the other professions, something a budding Doctor really needs-believe me you do-as for OTC, well less said the better......unless you like pish ups, loose woman and prancing around in uniform being laughed at by everybody including the ACF :wink:

As for 144 :roll:
or, you could be told (as I was) 'don't come back until you're a 3rd year, we can't use you until then. Join the OTC.' WTF? Can't be bothered to help train me more like. I tried going back to the same unit as a TASO from the OTC, still no dice. So I gave them the verbal 2 fingers and went to join the infantry via TASO instead.
jon1467 said:
for extra money and drinking.
exactly the right reason for joining the TA, then when you eventually deploy you can sit there with a face like a slapped arrse saying 'I didnt join up for this' :roll:
It is possible to join the TA for the money, beer and AT opportunities while at university with no intention of ever deploying as you can resign from your unit as soon as you qualify.

I would say however that the majority of medical students who join medical TA units do not intend to do this, but whilst at university the money and drinking are some of the more enjoyable extras that other students and possibly OTC cadets do not benefit from.
Depends which year you are. If you're a pre- clinical, i would advise joining the OTC, at least for a year or two; have some fun, make your mistakes in a forgiving atmosphere, drink the bar dry, and then when you feel you've had your time there, transfer across to the TAMS. As a pre clinical 2nd degree medic (already in OTC) , I am thinking about the TAMS as I reckon that joining can only help me to improve my clinical skills and enable me to learn more so I can be all the better as a doc when I FINALLY qualify; possibly also will help me in a decision as to whether to apply to join the RAMC( And medics throw the best parties). However, I have had a great time in the OTC .

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