Gents/Ladies, I am shortly on my MPCA, and would appreciate any pointers (serious thoughts appreciated but willing to guffaw at witty but irrelevant comments) on the classroom stuff. Also any tips on getting rid of permanent marker from my nyrex? I used nail polish removing pads on my old nyrex but it didn't agree with it (works fine on fablon!)I know about lynx deodorant being effective, just wondered if there is anything else suitable. I used chinagraph pens a few years back, but again that was on fablon, is it recommended on nyrex? Don't want to find out after my 1st set of orders that they've smudged/can't get rid of the damn things. Not quite a nig, but 10 years in the cav has put me at a slight disadvantage on this course judging by the course content.
Cant offer a huge amount of exact advice, but I just did my MPC wich was run alongside the MPCA lot so we often got talking in the block...

The main part of the course concentrates on Platoon Level Orders Process. Each student will take the role of the Troop Commander, and issue a set of orders to other Students playing Section Commanders who in turn will have to deliver to other students playing Toms/2IC. Others will play the Troop Sergeant and thus be responsible for their train set in the field. Remembering the Troop Commander and the Section Commanders are one little set, and the Troop Sarge and the 2IC's are another - thus stag lists, rations and all that jazz.

The classroom stuff hinges on being able to deliver this to a 5 day field ex. Included in the class stuff and practical lessons are Drill - a fairly extensive memorised Drill test, and then plenty of stuff on platoon attacks. Bung in a PFT and thats about it from what I recall them doing and saying. I am sure there are other few bits we didnt see though, but not a huge amount more. The final day on the ex on the MPCA we were with was a platoon attack, all other command appointments were for recce patrols, and replen runs. As long as you are familiar with the orders process and extraction from your MPC - and know your 1Up from your 2Up then thats the biggest battle. I am sure there might be some nav stuff in there too but more as a refresher. I am not sure if they did WHT's for A2 and LSW, i know we did for the MPC. They may do those to ensure they have seen you current before going on the ex. We even did a smoke grenade WHT which involved throwing stones...class.

Nyrex tips. Nail Polish remover does work on permanent pens. You just should not leave the pen on there for too long as it does over time ruin the nyrex with that permanent smudge effect. So once you have done your oder extraction and delivery, get rid of it. Anything that you plan to keep in there for long periods, write it on the inserts. Stuff like "actions on" tend to remain the same so that can be in there all the time, and just pen on any changes to SOP's. Dont bother with chinagraph IMO. Unless you are writing on a solid surface, they are a pain, so as you will most likly be sitting on your webbing and nyrex'ing on your knee its too much agro.

Pester your TAC mates from others who have been on the last course and blag their notes/handouts and whatnot. Make sure you have an upto date TAM (Jan 2005 is the latest i think) although our course had them issued to ensure that all had the latest as many turned up with 2002 editions and there are a lot of changes I heard.

There is also a mess dinner which I heard was rather pap! (to go with the mess etiquette lesson.)

Good luck!


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just remembered a few things I wished I'd been better prepped for ( I did mine in September 04)

I know you are old and bold and it's second nature - but get a friendly Skill At Arms mate to take you through the Weapon Handling Test a couple of hundred times...YOU should be aiming fpr a perfect pass....bloody forward assists! As the training Wing staff will tell you on arrival, if you fail the WHT technically they should RTU the guy there and then.

Part of the field exercise on the patrolling is withdrawal from contact - they used to teach that peeling back in pairs thing...it was new to me but I'm sure just a refresh for you. Actions on obstacles....you'll get sick of the phrase ACTIONS ON !

See if you can get a copy of TAMS from someone - it's all in there. Get a decent model kit going - puffa bottle full of fullers earth helps to do paths/boundaries etc.

It seems to vary from course to course in terms of the fizz side of life....you WILL be doing a fair amount of running around on the section attacks phase and a bit of a tab with largepack.

As the Distaff said on my course " If you don't enjoy this bit - you're in the wrong job. "

Course before mine were also asked to organise a group sports event - they just had a kickabout. Have a think about it. And spend a bit ofd time PLANNING where you're going to go for the course p1ss-up. (NOT frickin' Sticky Carpets again !)

Leave the Temple of Filth at home, don't forget yer trizers - and you'll walk it mate ! I'm dead jealous.

Good luck,

Le Chevre

PS if your section boss is Cpl/Sgt U-P buy him a pint for me, say thanks, and I'll get yer back next time your down this way.
Excellent way of getting permanent marker off a nyrex is go over it with a non permanent pen sounds stupid but it works!!

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