Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Irishandthinking, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to join the TA but i want to join the RMP. As i work in security in Civy Street the main reason on wanting to join is because i want to get into close protection. Plus i want the challenge of being a solider and i want the life experience.

    If any could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  2. ...er... where do you live?
  3. Sorry i live in N.Ireland Derry/Londonderry
  4. So that'd be TA RMP, then.

    Not the Parliament thing.
  5. I would't know thats why im asking! :oops:

    Or are there any other way to get into close protection within the forces.

  6. So you want to join the TA so that you might improve your job prospects because you're bored sh!tless nabbing shoplifters or checking shop premises in the early hours?

    Most people join the army because they want to serve their country!
  7. So better my job prospects is a problem then?

    Didnt think that was a problem.
  8. Not at all ... but shouldn't be the primary reason for joining.
  9. Well that is one reason i want to join. If i said i wanted to join the army full time then i would have said to serve my country. What is complacated as im in N.Ireland and we can join either army :lol: So id have to make my mind up what country id be serving :)
  10. Detachment in Lisburn. Your local TA in Derry can help or you can call them direct. Good luck!
  11. You might want to get in touch 243 Pro Coy (V) RMP - I believe they have a detachment in Lisburn.


    Or speak with your local Armed Forces Recruitment Office.
  12. Thanks all, Just had a look it seems i need qualifications to join the RMP.

    I am still going to join the TA the close protection was only an idea i had that was connected to my full-time job that might have betterd my job prospects.
  13. Any service will give you skills that will improve your job prospects no matter what capbadge you eventually decide ... good luck.
  14. Bit unfair that one Kev, not everyone joins for the idealisitic reason of 'serving Queen and Country'. Many do join for the money and career/personal development you know.
  15. True ... but see my post above yours!