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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by disneyworld, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. why should the TA get paid the same as regulars. They have a job allready i always see in soldier magazine Stabs complaining about going on tours and getting paid less than real soldiers.
    Look you lot do it for fun and we have to do it.
    Dont get a bag on get a mag on and stag on.
  2. ok lets see this train to do a regulars soldiers job get paid less when we call you up lose your job get fucked around for 6 months then **** off.
    why don't you do an extra stag its obvious you don't need any stabs. stag on
  3. Disneyworld

    Just **** Off. TA blokes have died in Iraq. Just **** RIGHT OFF

    PS **** OFF
  4. ******* hell disney mickey mouse ****

    Even as a seasoned STAB baiter, I have to agree with Bravo Bravo, dead is ******* dead, be you STAB or ARAB.

    If the STABS are doing our jobs (i.e. are deploying), then they deserve exactly the same money, regardless of what they might be earning outside.

    Why, were you ******* press ganged? Always despised that statement when I was in, no ****** made me join (or perhaps you joined in the hope that the nasty men wouldn't shoot at you and you could just swan around for 3 years getting pissed) and there's always a PVR if you don't like it.

    **** me, I stuck up for the STABS, some **** cut my hands off :D
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Have a quick lie down ORG before you come over all funny again.

    Seriously though, nice to hear an ex-ARAB sticking up for the STABs.

    And I agree with BB, **** off Mickey Mouse.

    Disney - you are just baiting aren't you, 'cos no-one could be that thick and insensitive?