TA Mojo.... Gone!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spigot, May 28, 2008.

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  1. I only ever seem to write on here to whinge! Apologies in advance...

    My TA Mojo has vanished,

    The Tuesday night Training is Cr*p.... Instructors fail to turn up, leaving inexperienced blokes to cuff lessons. The lessons on the Rota are irrelevant and uninteresting.

    The TAC lacks qualified NCO's (actually it Lacks NCO's!) and No one seems to be getting a grip of the juniors

    The PSI/PSAO seem uninterested.

    The few recruits we pull through our doors, see the three blokes on parade, suffer a rubbish lesson, then don't come back, and I do not blame them!

    We seem to have got stuck in the cycle of Trg is poor, because there are no blokes. The reason there are no blokes is because the training is pants.

    Has anyone got any thoughts other than Transfer!?

    Sorry for the Rant.
  2. I was in a very similar situation last year, I ended up transferring and my mojo is now fully restored.

    Perhaps a new unit could be the way forward for you too?

    Are there any decent units within reasonable driving range of you?
  3. My mojo is also under threat.

    I can't complain about the training. It's actually quite good.
    I can't complain about the people. They're fine.
    I can't complain about the BS. Well, sometimes I can, but it wouldn't really be justified.
    I can't complain about the work (we do real work as part of the training). It's interesting and varied.

    In fact it's got nothing to do with the TA at all (if you exclude the junk that passes for food under PAYD).

    It's just summoning up the enthusiasm to go.

    It's 22:45 on Wednesday night. I've got to attend this weekend and I don't know where my kit is, let alone worry about packing it. I could have been sorting it for the last four hours - or last night - or during last weekend. I just can't be bothered.

    From being the sort of bloke that would have everything ready well in advance, I'm now going to be rushing around at the last minute.

    Perhaps I'm just tired and worn out.
  4. Feeling a bit the same myself, putting it down to mid-life dip.
  5. Luckily for me I have no friends or social life.
  6. I've heard these phrases before. What do they mean? :?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    You could try a leave of absence.

    Have you spoken to your OC about it?

  8. I thought you were supposed to be clever?

    Most of blokes that take a leave of absense because they want a break almost never come back.

    Address the problem or sack the TA. Taking a leave of absense for these reasons is just kidding yourself.
  9. we had a similar problem at my unit, it would not be unusual to get 3-4 juniors on parade every tuesday night and i didnt turn in for about 4 months. We recently recieved a new SPSI who has tried to make changes, make our training more usefull and make tuesdays more interesting. numbers are on the rise and people are turning in again!

    If you have a SPSI with his finger up his arse then ppl dont get on courses, people dont get qualified and people get bored....thats exactly what happened to me!
  10. Whenever I have found my TA mojo waning It has been at about the right time to be posted to a new job. I would heartily recommend going and getting a job at an RTC or UOTC to re-energise your past love for the TA. It will also add diversity to your military CV showing that you can fit in to different environments and not just lump along with the status quo!!
  11. My mojo was on the wane, I took a break of only two training w/es, went and did some cadets, sorry, did some Adv training with the cadets, lo and behold mojo has returned.
  12. There comes a time when you need to do something that you want to do, as opposed to what your unit wants you to do. Sometimes that involves a change of environment (RTC? - you don't even need to transfer, just spend some time being a 'guest instructor') to help you realise what that is. Maybe an AT course, or career course, or change of job spec course. Maybe it is time to get out after all, better to go when your still farily happy, than when you feeling miserable as sin, as this will only cloud your memories of the what you presumably once enjoyed.
    Have you considered volunteering to get involved in planning the training? Any Pl/Tp HQ worth their salt would be happy to have extra input, asl ong as it is given in the right context, and you don't come across all bolshy -the "this is shit,my way is better" attitude will win you no friends (also doesn't work if your six months out of training - expect to fcuked off if so!)
    You could nominate yourself as the entertainments representative, gather the guys together in and out of TA time to go out, once a month or so, have a dinnner night, and invite your partners. Hopefully they'll get on and it'll be easier to plan similar do's in the future. Plan a trip to Alton Towers etc etc... Take the families, all retention, and a good laugh. Makes it harder for people to leave! Brings the guys and girls closer together - esprit de corps and all that, and makes the training better when you come to it. It worked for us, we went from 1x 2Lt, 1x Sgt, 1 x Cpl, 4x LCpl (inc 2 storemen - think old!) and 1x Pte to a Platoon of over 40 on parade (inc recruits) in 18 months (and then won the Champion Platoon Competition run by the Bn!).
    Just a thought, I know it's the military, but it doesn't mean we can't find other ways to enjoy it.

  13. I lost my mojo, particuarly for Tuesday night training after a long day at work.

    My solution was to leave the TA. I joined the RAuxAF (drastic I know!). I enjoy more responsibility there, am well on the way to picking up my 3rd stripe and best of all, I don't have any evening drill nights to either attend or organise.

    They say a change is as good as a rest, and I'm enjoying the change. I even went on a weekend a few weeks back and had my own room as a Cpl, bed made for me on arrival and instructions to simply leave it as it was when I had finished and hand my key in at the guard room. All very grown up!

  14. ...you could join the RAF Reserve!
  15. Its the ATC I help out to restore my mojo, which is amusing since I outrank the only uniformed member of staff there!