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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ieatworms, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Alreet lads. I am Specialist TA and have recently been sent my mobilisation papers for a tour in Iraq, im due to report to RTMC Chilwell on 6th Nov.

    I am sure there are plenty of others out there in the same situation.

    Any words of advice on RTMC and the mobilisation process?

    All helpful input appreciated.
  2. Be prepared to fill in lots of paperwork. Oh and bring and extra bag (if they don't issue you with another kit bag). You will get loads of extra kit.

    Get your home comforts sorted out now and think what you would like to bring with you in your mfo box.

    Get your fitness upped a wee bit before you get there. You will complete all of your matts so it's best to be prepared. You will be able to do a bit of impromptu fitness every time you go to the cookhouse as it is a 7 day camel trek up the hill lol

    Other than that good luck!!
  3. Take as much paperwork relating to your income and out goings as you can get your hands on. The better prepared you are for your 3 hour chat with the pay guru the better psition you will find yourself in finacially.
  4. Having served nigh on 23 years, I was shocked at how good RTMC was (even allowing for a few faults). Very unmilitary not to be totally bu66ered about. The only thing I can offer is... wet wipes. Worth their weight in gold, especially the individually wrapped. Keep one in top left pocket as a drill - if you get felled, wipe arrse. Nothing worse than your trollies being inspected by the nurse.
  5. Very smooth process these days but don't leave the G1 cell until you are satisifed with your pay. If you have the paperwork they will honour it. Even pay for a gardener for 6 months maintenance (you need to produce a bill/contract though). A lot still fail on the dental check. So go to yours now and get the work done if needed as RTMC don't have time to fix you up.

    Hope you get stand down for a week before OPTAG. :D

    Also don't forget to pack something warm (take the softie you are issued) and don't just rely on the jungle sleeping bag - believe me you will need it in Dec/Jan as it gets cold (and wet). Wellies in the MFO could be useful - as most guys either bought in country ~$8 or got them sent out under the free Christmas postage - one in each parcel due to weight.
  6. shocked!.I'm shocked you never got buggered about by them lazy bastards at the J1 cell.coffee drinking/doughnut eating laziest bunch of tossers,that it's been my misfortune to meet.

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  7. msr

    msr LE

    Go on, tell us why...

  8. I always thought Chillwell was pretty good, been through for both FTRS and mobilisation.

    They make it as easy as they are able to and never had any pay issues with them.

    Back myself soon.

  9. Can't speak for anyone else, but my Mob for Telic 1 did not give me good feelings about Chilwell. I think the benchmark was the G1 lot not knowing the differance between a P60 and a P45. In the end I phoned Glasgow direct and got some sense from there - and isn't that a statement in itself.
  10. mobilised for telic 4,lost pay docs,paid wages into wrong bank account-even though i'd used the same one for the last 20 yrs.no lssa on tour,paid short every time.that enough for you!.
  11. Ha ha, just done RTMC. Prepare for an extension of tour, changing units twice, being blagged that your not entitled to leave or any rail warrents, doing a job which is two ranks higher than your current rank and not getting any pay of higher rank. In my letter it said 3 weeks training, 61/2 months for a tour and then the remaining balance of 12 months being paid.
    As soon as I signed that piece of paper it all changed. The only good thing is I am still in contact with quite a few ex-soldiers and TA who [/i]were thinking of joining up..............
  12. Thanks for your input lads, any other advice on kit... military, civvie or electronic that you reckon i should buy before i go out there?
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    IPod or similar MP3 player is wonderful. If you can afford it, get a DVD player as well.

    As for the rest, you can buy stuff through Amazon easily enough, they deliver to BFPO, and you get the VAT off - I bought a Camcorder while out there, saved a lot.

    Do not rely on being able to buy things cheap from the NAAFI/EFI - they are not at all cheap, oddly enough :)
  14. That's got to be hurting their thoughput. The Old TMC's in 1997 had time to do a fair amount of dental work. I think we spent half the first week sat around whilst people had fillings and bridge work done.

    And that failure rate has got to be getting worse. I can't find a single NHS dentist within a day's bus ride of me who can take new patients on. How the f**k are they going to keep calling us up if so many of us fail dental checks
  15. SOoo you'll not be going to Ripon then? :) be prepared for lots of hanging around at Chillwell waiting to be processed (depending how big the call up tranche is). Make sure your dental work is up to spec coz if not they'll sack yer. Take everything to do with your civvy salary (P60 or last 6 pay statements)
    You'll be issued loads of kit, even if it's too small take it (you can always swop around with the guys in the billets later or exchange it at some point in time! ) but don't nesscessarily take " it'll be issued in theatre" at face value!!
    I'll be going through the same thing in Feb though off to the Stan rather then the sandpit, you' ll probably keep most of the dessie kit when you come back ( we all did when back from Telic 2, though me aarse is hanging out me dessie trews :).

    ps did you enjoy the Copehill down scheme :D