Nicked mercilessly from another thread:

MK1(V). A bespoke version of eMK1 for the TA (MK1(V)) is to be launched on 01 Sep 06 consisting of those modules deemed essential knowledge to enable the TA officer to attend JOTAC. Only these modules will be included in the mandatory assessment; the pass mark will also be reduced from 80 to 70%. This will achieve a 70% reduction in course completion time.
from the MK website

A welcome relief for all TA officers or the dumbing down of a necessary evil? You be the judge.

Also from the website:

MK2 Statistics

Students - 1950 registered (TA 36, Regulars 1914)

So 36 TA captains who have not completed JSC(TA) wish to become majors? Bit worrying?
Or 36 TA Captains who have already passed MK1 and JOTAC and wish to continue with their professional education?

Hasn't JSC(TA) been replaced by JOTAC now?

There is still the 'last' JSC(TA) to be run in ?October? ish


add on any STA requirements and you have elegibility for promotion to major.
There have been more 'last' JSCs than the Rolling Stones have had farewell concerts.

Bring on MK2.


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