Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gassing_Badgers, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Have been trying to pin down the existance or otherwise of the TA eMK1 course.

    Here is the reply I got from the MK office at Shrivenham:

    I have consulted with the SO2 and can offer the following:

    1. At the moment TA officers are continuing to study MK1 as it stands.

    2. MK(V) will not be released until Jul 06 at the earliest.

    3. TA officers are to seek advice from their MCM Div about which course to complete .

    So if want to do my JOTAC course this year, I have to do the full 50-hour (60-70hour) course?

    Best book another week off work then... :roll:
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find it's over 100 hours of study in fact...

    Either that, or get a letter off your CO which states that you know your onions, but haven't passed the ridiculous test.

    You might also like to try and lay your hands on a set of the books, it makes life sooooo much easier.

  3. A good idea indeed.

    I wish everyone - the Army especially - would get out of the mindset that everything should be 'online' or 'computer-based' in order to be up-to-date.

    There really is no substitute for being able to flick through a hard copy, especially when there's ream of information to be assimilated.
  4. Quite agree. Books are the way forwards. The 50 hours (coughs) is based on a regular subbie who is exposed to army life 24/7. As a TA PC/TC, you will have huge gaps in your knowledge. As MSR says, 100 hours is a more realistic prospect.

    However, once complete, you will be a much more rounded orificer.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Although you will not find yourself 'out-gunned' when compared to the regs on the course.

  6. But even the Regular officer is struggling to complete the course within those hours.

    Friend of mine is a Captain, and he's claiming it'll take 70+ hours to get it all done, so that's a two week course.

    One of the questions I keep meaning to punt around my unit is how MK1 and MK2 are going to affect the number of WO2's who now decide to go for a commission. It's not as simple as it used to be, where you simply had to convince the CO and then the Brigadier that you were going to be an asset to the Unit as an Officer.

    Lots of study time now to go with it.
  7. Ah, the miserable saga of MK1.

    The books are definitely the way forward, even though someone somewhere is bound to pipe up that they were produced in 2003 or something and it's a different world now. The online learning experience is just a Flashfest: more a demonstration of a graphics designer's skills than a sensible way of getting information across.

    Problem with the "books" idea: I have never seen a set of the MK1 books in the possession of a member of the Territorial Army. Those destined for the TA are probably in some warehouse in Wales awaiting pulping, although a few crept out.

    I learned MK1 by printing out the PDFs on colour printers at my old job. About 2000 pages or so. Had them nicely wiro-bound, too. Probably cost the firm about £400. But they were Evil Overlords, so who cares?

    Simply reading all that bumf took me about 50 hours. Rote-learning it to test standard would take anyone other than an autistic savant with a photographic memory at least 100.

    On the other hand, Captain Calamity is right to say that at the end of your sorry journey you will know lots of useful stuff. Imagine my surprise to learn that A2 Ech actually exists. I thought it was a purely fictional place people said they were going to when they wanted to bunk off (as opposed to a real place they went to to skive).

    Combined with JOTAC, the result really is (for a few weeks at least) a warm glow of parity with our regular brethren.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    A few things have changed, but fortunately the test remains rooted in 2003 as well - so learn the books and pass the test.

    I think I will have to ask Dr_Evil for another sketch about the conversation which must have taken place along these lines:

    TA Col (to Reg Col): My guys are every bit as good as yours
    Reg Col: Fine, then they can meet the same standards as ours
    TA Col: Indeed
    Reg Col sniggers and jots down memo - shafted the TA again wayhey!

  9. Agree with the previous comments, looking like it will take me around a 100 hours+ to get through. Website has lots of nice graphics but you have to jump around the screen the whole time to be able to complete each section, books are far easier for me as dont have unlimited time at work or home to be online. Like Dr_Evil, I have started to print off the modules and put in folders, much easier to study at my own pace and also usful reference material to have to hand in the future. Think JOTAC will have to wait till next year :-(
  10. If I've understood what abacus said in other thread, WO2's will also need to undertake some form of CLM training. I'm not sure what form that will be.

    Although I'm not planning to leave the TA, I am aware that I should be hitting my career ceiling in a few years and yes it does seem bizzare I would need to complete this number of courses at this stage of my career.
  11. mac_uk: As noted earlier, you can do JOTAC without having passed MK1 first if your CO certifies you as a good egg.

    You'd get more out of JOTAC if you've completed reading the modules by the time you do the course. Passing the test is a totally separate matter. You gain nothing except a few grey hairs by passing the world's most ineptly-constructed exam.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I think this will become more of a issue when Capts realise that they have to pass MK2 to get promoted to Major. And MK2 = MK1+JOTAC+MK2

  13. msr wrote:

    Dr Evil Wrote:

    You are both entirely right. The unfortunate bit is that one has to pass MK1 to qualify for promotion, the reason being that JOTAC is to all intents and purposes an attendance course. MK1(V) will eventually be launched but the party line is that JOs should book onto the current package rather than wait for the new one which would create a massive bow wave.

    BTW the TA will never be issued the MK1 books and the CD ROM is no longer being produced. In fact even the Mentor packs are no loger available. I am currently in the process of staffing a case as to why this is pump, but as ever money is the problem.
  14. Do you mean all those Capts who snickered as they wriggled in under the JOTES wire, thanking their maker that they'd never have to plough through MK1?
  15. Why not just make the PDFs available for download from ArmyNet?