TA MK 1 help

I don't have to do the TA MK1, but I'd like to (keeping abreast of current thinking and all that)

I've been told it's a bit of a runaround registering. Is there anywhere I can just view the material without having to go through the whole process?

Thanks in advance (not a drill movement)
Your Adjt should be able to provide you with a CD containing the full package. I don't believe the TA eMK1 is available yet.


Thanks. The Adjt was my first port of call - hence the question ended up on here. Will keep pestering.
TA MK1 CD will be available after Jul when the TA e-MK1 goes live.

In the meantime, for those who are really keen, you can do the Full-Fat MK1 while you wait. It'll still count, and you can regal young subbies in the bar in five years time with how you did it 'the hard way'.



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