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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MightyBigEgo, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. I work for a large government department, and have just asked the staffing people for special leave for my annual exercise. They have come back telling me that it has all changed and I now have to fill out a generic special leave application form. Being a tad annoyed that I have to go through this rigmarole, I started being sarcastic but truthful.

    The first question being - Proposed Organisation. Well that bit is easy - Territorial Army

    Second question - Please state briefly its aims and objectives.
    Hmmmm. Now, I put:
    To prepare and train for:
    Defending the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland against the enemies of the Queen.
    Defending the interests of the UK around the globe against any armed aggressor and taking the fight to the enemy.

    That got me thinking. How do you describe the Army, being truthful but being as sarcastic as possible to civil servant office wallah idiots who cant come up with anything better than to come up with MORE pointless forms?
  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah
  3. The army are the people who do the dirty work for those in power, irrespective of whether right or wrong.

    The army are the people who gave civil servants freedom, but civil servants cant understand that, so want to change the army into something their tiny minds can understand, an army tied up in poliical correctness, paperwork and carap

    The army is a mirco-society that better reflects the real beliefs and truths of the population, but who are pushed to the back of life's queue.
  4. People who get to play with huge firearms and explosives and are genrally dressed as tree's whilst their wives get hammered by her next door neighbours when on ops...
  5. Didnt realize it was a TA mission...............right.....
  6. Try Jack Nickolsons court room speach from " A Few Good Men".

    A bit to long winded to write on here, but its worth watching just for that scene ( and Demi Moore in uniform ).

  7. there is actually a ta infantry mission statement .And like all management speak left you baffled at what it ment .
    Its simple teeth arms kill people break things
    corp help the people who kill people and break things by doing (insert what ever it is you do)

    Spending the tax payers money on really cool toys . Who hasent when a college whines about tax say cheers that paid for my ammo
    , my new gortex ,trip in a chopper,Or bounty :lol:
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Aims and objectives:

    'Smite the Queens's enemies'.

    Better still why don't you fire these questions up the chain of command and give every one a good laugh