TA Midlands Challenge 09

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dangerousdave, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,


    Just wondering if anyone know's when this will be open to applications for 2009? I am very interested in joining up to a medical unit as an Operating Department Practitioner, or CMT. I am a current healthcare student training at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust.

    Would i be able to do this fast track challenge and then go into say 202 field hospital, or 144 Parachute Medical Sqn?

    Thanks for any assistance 8)
  2. Dave,

    Have you spoken to 202 or 144 to register your interest in taking part in MC2009?
  3. Hi there, i have been in contact with 202 field hospital and they want me to go see them in Jan. I've not discussed 144 parachute medical sqn or the midlands challenge with them, as dont want to tread on any toes or mess anyone around 8)
  4. OK, well get along , have a chat and see if you can get a "look at life" weekend with them?. There is no reason AFAIK that you cannot begin training in advance of MC , unless that is the spare time you have available to do it in one hit?

    I don't know how 202 induction works, but as I'm sure there are 202 members here, they can PM you with details.

    Best of luck

  5. Thought this might be a thread about some shite challenge doing shuttle runs up Barr Beacon Hill or something... taxi is outside...
  6. Are you hinting that this course isn't very good or something? :?
  7. :?
    Many thanks PTP - I have all the paperwork for 202 field hospital (my local TAC) and have to report back on 5th Jan. I'll ask them about the Midlands Challenge and see if they'll let me get onto that on top of their recruit training. I have weekends free, so can do normal recruit training, but thought it'll be around summer anyway for their 2 week recruits course, so why not jump onto the summer challenge and get a good all round look at things? better than sat on my arrse during the summer holidays i thought 8)

    Do you think it'd be ok to transfer to 144 Parachute Medical Sqn, once i've finished basic, or would that piss em off? :?
  8. Oh no, i'm sure the TA Challenge is very good... I simply confused the TA challenge with a TA competition... incorrect on my part and hence the taxi...

    Which has convienently pulled up outside again... meters running...
  9. Dave

    As PTP says, what you need to do is get into 202 and take it from there. If you really want to play with 144 then get in touch with them and have a chat.

    The fast track system will be slightly different in 2009 with the result that there will be a Spring and Autumn challenge in addition to the Summer Challenge. (There are some differences - 202 / 144 will explain).

    At this stage you may find that the logistics of training with 202 whilst studying are easier - but its your choice.



    PS - the army doesn't do e-commerce, you need to get yourself to 202 / 144 in person in order to get some facts and to get the ball rolling.
  10. Hi,

    I used to be with 202 Field Hospital, and I still a know a few of the guys there so if you want to pm me any questions feel free!

  11. A slight tangent, but I have only found information about Summer Challenges for Scotland and the Midlands on the Internet. Have any other Bdes tried this Fast Track approach ?

    Secondly, is 4 Para the only TA unit currently promoting a Military Gap Year ?

    Thanks for any info.

  12. ...MAYBE even Iraq or Ghanners, who knows?
  13. I know 4 Div had one this Summer for phase one and CIC. London Districts Officer training wing ran a Mod 2 and 3 short Course in Grantham.
  14. The plan for this summer is similar
  15. Thanks.

    We are scheduled to establish a second AAC (V) squadron next Spring and, even with transferees from 7 Regt, there will still be alot of work required to get people on the books.

    One for the CoC to consider...