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I agree with it but the memorial needs to be placed somewhere more public. My first rememberence parade was in Long Eaton and the vicar did a great disservice to the memory of the fallen.
I'd like to sort that and I'm sure I can get many to do the same, the TA memorial should be placed in the Market Square Long Eaton in the heart of the UK.
Its an excellent idea.

The NMA would be good site, being somewhere accessible for everyone to pay tribute, although I can see the signifigance of the memorial being at Chilwell.
Fantastic idea, I also agree that it should be at RTMC Chilwell.

The idea for the memorial was conceived by RTMC staff. The Chief of Staff Major Jason Watkinson said: “The RTMC is the central hub for TA deployments and I thought it only right that we commemorate all those soldiers who mobilised through the RTMC but sadly did not return.”
lastfour said:
Its an excellent idea.

The NMA would be good site, being somewhere accessible for everyone to pay tribute, although I can see the signifigance of the memorial being at Chilwell.
Which is why I suggested Long Eaton. Its the biggest town near Chilwell (Chilwell and Toton have no proper centre).
People visiting the memorial are generally going to be civvies, making a memorial on a non military site more accesable. Long Eaton also has excelent road, rail, hotel and airport faclilities and its next door to Chilwell.
why not use some of the money from ta 100 on this its a better use of the money and will last longer than anything else they come up with
Would the memorial only be open on weekends? :p

Why do you need a seperate memorial? Put the names up on the National Memorial in Stafford, it is there to represent servicemen who have fallen. Forward as One and all that.

Chillwell, perhaps could cope with a name plaque, or a garden of rememberance. A tree (or similar) planted for every TA bloke who didn't come back.
I understand, it's small local memorial for the community that the RTMC services. It's a fair enough idea, although I think the units of those who fell is the more appropriate place for local memorials.

Good luck to them anyway.
What was I doing when this one came through the forum?

Just seen the idea for the first time on the latest TAQ (edging towards TA Biannually at the moment).

While I think there is value in a discussion, with cogent arguments on either side, as to whether there should be a separate memorial for reservists there is one issue I really object to.

Who in their right minds thought that putting a memorial to the fallen in a place where only those in the process of being mobilised and dispatched to the very places where their predecessors lost their lives can see it?

On the one hand it fails to do the one thing every memorial should do - to send out the message that these individuals have lost their lives putting themselves in harms way. This needs to be pointed out to the public of Britain who still have a hard time realising that TA and reservists are committed to ops alongside their regular counterparts. The one section of society who need no reminder of the danger they are facing is those being mobilised.

The second point is linked: do the soldiers being mobilised, let alone any family members who may be dropping them off, really need to be reminded in such an obvious manner of the peril they are in? The soldier reassuring his loved ones that he will be as safe as houses in Afghanistan has his message slightly diluted if there is a large tablet listing the names of those who made just such assurances and never came back.

Yes remember them in every way we can. Possibly have a separate memorial (discuss) but no no no, don't plonk it in amongst the old storesheds of Chilwell.
I agree with blythe sprit chillwell probably not the best place moblising blokes in and out at fast pace so hardly time for quiet contemplation.

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