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Hi all

apologies if this seems a bone question was just wondering if any ta medics (attached to non ams units) have come accross the new issue field dressings / CAt tornique / and hemcon - quickclot products that the guys on telic and herrick are being issued (and some of which magicaly appears back home despite it falling under the Op plunder wish list)
does anyone know if the new style cmt courses are going to be using this kit or will it be left to optag to train us on it prior to deployment

cheers Tigsta


If you don't get them issued, you can buy them from their web site, doing the MATTs update for BCD they showed them saying they'll be issue, Ha! right!


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You dont get to use them on OPTAG either. I have seen them, where all kit belongs, in stores closely guarded by an SQMS who says "Na Ya aint entitled" (a very long course they do to learn that overworked line).

I managed to get some from some friendly Yanks I know, just hope thirs are the same as the new British ones, I believe they are.

What is it about operational kit, you never see it until you need it? Ever used an UGL? Minimi? even a PRR?

I always believed the idea of being in the best trained army in the world was that we were actually trained! I have heard of on the job training but frankly the current way of doing things, on deployment the first time you use it is when you need it, is a bit of a urine take.



I believe the new FFD is the same except we don't have some form of daft clip.

I know what you mean, we had Sabres, the units we were s'posed to reinforce used Scimitars, similar yes, but not the same, bits & bobs in different places & so on.

On the bright side, last I heard our regt had a pool of 12 PRRs to train with!
Every man has a PRR at my unit. Rumour has we are getting LMG soon aswell. Thats great as only about 25 people in the battalion can use them.


Showing my ignorance here, but can the TA skillys teach them?

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