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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by indifferent, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Well i had my medical today,

    As people seem to want to know what happens i will tell you.

    ok first off i got asked a few questions about my health, allergies, heart probs etc.

    then my family's medical history

    then it was down to my socks and skids, weighed, height messured. then he listened to my chest and back as i breathed and prodded around my neck, coller bone area. then i was told to lay on the bed thing. he held my ankles one at a time while i had to try to raise my leg then the same at my knees. then he banged my knees, elbows and wrists with a hammer thing also over my feet. next was a few prods in the stomach area cough test on groin areas and a check on the old gonads( i promise you that).

    he then checked the joints in my arms again having to push against his grip.

    then i got dressed had a quick eye test reading from the board, a look in my eyes, ears and mouth, then a quick slash in a bottle.

    and that was it really. nothing to worry about!! all done in 15 mins.

    p.s most of you will have a hearing test at the same time too.
  2. 'Kin ell things have changed. All done in 15 mins! What ever happened to all done in 15 seconds? It went like this:-

    "Do you smoke enough?"


    "Do you drink enough?"


  3. And you lapped it up like the filthy whore you are, didn't you?

    I bet you're sniffing your finger right now. :p
  4. yes daddy!! :D

  5. What was this eh :? Was it fun or did it leave you feeling violated?

  6. erm happy that he didnt find bollock cancer??
  7. I'd be happier that he didn't find a hernia as that's largely what he was looking for. If he started rolling your nads between his fingers then that's not part of the medical. That's a precursor for rape.

    Now then, show me on the bear where he touched you...
  8. Out of curiousity how long did you wait for handing in your application and getting the medical?
  9. Oh no, he's not in the TA.....
  10. about 2 weeks.
  11. my last puleems was done by a hottie MO, she had a low cut top on and when I was on the slab I could see down her chest. bearing in mind she is going to check my nads next I had to think of something horrible... Like pat morley snogging ann brown!!!!!!!! urrggggghhh. it did the trick.
  12. aparently ive got to go through all this again, did my selection then my phase 1a last sept, then had to put the ta on hold because of work comitments. now im back having left my old job so im keen to get started again, but i might have to do alpha's and medical again as it only runs for 6 months, is this right????
  13. Get ya nads out mate.
  14. I had my medical the same night I walked in to the recruiting office. Went along the lines of:

    MO: "Are you in good shape?"

    Me: "Yes, Sir"

    MO: "Excellent - give your forms to the Sgt. Next!"
  15. :?

    ok, i'm confused (again)

    i went on Wednesday to see a Sgt about TA, haven't decided on trade etc but am definite about joining.
    Not filled out any application forms yet and just got a call from the Sgt, i now have a medical booked for next week...how does that happen?

    (and if its kosher :oops: ...how is it different for us girlies???)