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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chandysbud, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I'm going for a medical soon for the TA. I'm slightly nervous and havent been told what to expect or anything.

    Can anyone tell me what I can expect and if I need to take anything?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Two arms, two legs (and your specs, if you wear them).

  3. expect to have to put your balls in dessert spoons and told to cough, then out comes the rubber glove but no ky to test sphincter for suitability for future iniatations (?) involving D cell maglites and nescafe jars.

    all as it will be is blood pressure, blood test (to determine blood group), urine test(check for diabeties), peak flow (blow out thingy), and then measurement of chest whilst breathing out, hearing test, vision test, then a series of questions about medical history blood pressure asthma medication etc etc etc

    theres a few more things im sure i willremember later
  4. if you have a blood donor card or anything else giving your blood group take that with you, it will save you having to have a blood test, as most medics arent exactly known for there proficency with needles
  5. The others I can think of - The hearing test (just so it's on record, in case you start to lose your hearing later in life), and the body fat mass index (or whatever) to check you are not clinically obese or too thin.

    Ooooh, it's exciting.
  6. Der, its a medical for gods sake, surely you have been to the Docs before.

    I think msr gave you the answer you deserve.
  7. 'lo

    So what can one get P8'ed for? I used to suffer from mild nocternal enuresis a few years back and if the US policy is anything to go by I stand no chance. Search of the MOD site brings no joy.

  8. DDH, should i laugh or cry
  9. You can do what you like if you've anything useful to add to the thread :wink:
  10. DDH, to offend was not my intention

    perhaps you can explain in English, P8'ed =

    and again i'm sorry but i also havnt got a clue as to what "mild nocternal enuresis" is.
  11. No offence taken! P8 is the grade the Doc will apply on medical to mean "Not fit to serve at all anywhere, ever, in any capacity, go home sonny!"

    Enuresis you can google :)

  12. A bed-wetter.
    But only occassionally! :wink:

    Sorry, force of habit. I spend half my life translating medical jargon :lol:
  13. just join the regs your not really a proper infantry till you swamped the bed
  14. P8= Permanently unfit for military service i.e. medical discharge of serving person, or refused entry in a recruit.

    Mild nocturnal enuresis- you know when you're dreaming about standing in a stream and then you wake up...? This is not necessarily a bar to entry, but it does depend on individual circumstances e.g. co-morbid conditions i.e. other things that might have been wrong with you at the same time, how old you were at the time, etc.
  15. Would a nickel allergy affect medical results?