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Hi im new to this forum im in the process of joining up with RLC TA. Ive got my medical next week in croydon. I have got a couple questions. How long does it take? What happens? Do they look into my civvi medical history and records? Im very worried about being rejected as i have clicky hips/shoulders (not painful though) and have had a few urinary tract infections in the last couple of years up till recent will this stop me getting through? Im a 21 year old female but have had clicky hips and shoulders since i was young. Thanks in advance.


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From memory, the medical takes about 30 minutes (with a bit of waiting if there are other people in the queueu.

It consists of a peak flow test, eye test, ears/hearing, pee in a bottle test (protein/blood) and a general medical review of your history (you did sign a waiver right?). Ok, so you also get poked in the abdomen and told to cough. Well, you might not. I do not want to comment on what clicky hips are, but if you have been treated for them in the past, they might ask you about them. Ditto the UTIs.

If you are worried about the exact contents of the medical, google PULHEEMS and see what it says. That's the type it is.


I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian sydnrome) am am most worried about this. Im not on any kind of meds for it and i dont have any symptoms but im worried it will give me an automatic bar. I cant find any info on whether the army lets you in with PCOS. Its a common problem in many women. But as i said i dont know anyone in who has it.
My medical was in June at ADSC, my GP had filled in the RG8 form and sent it to Glencorse so the Doc examining me had my entire med history in front of him. Medical involved me answering questions on my history drop my pants cup cough, test my reflexes with the hammer to the knee pushing against him with using my legs and arms( pants were back on at this point lol)
Done some press ups and waddled about like a duck and on the outside of my feet, during which my legs knees and various other parts creaked and clicked. and the passed me.
If I can pass a medical at 43, you aint got nowt to worry about!!!

As said before, its pretty basic stuff..mine also included rotating my arms, twisting from side to side, lifting knees up etc to make sure my old bones stil worked and that was it.

Bare in mind I had to leave the TA in the early 2000's as I developed asthma..and I still got back in a few years later after it seemed to go.
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