TA medical unit?

Hello folks,
I am a 10 year nhs qualified nurse from AE and trauma background now working in primary care
I applied to field hospital as a TA nurse but was injured during the initial run up to selsction,
I am now approaching fitness but have recieved an email not even a letter or actual conversation!from the new company commander telling me that I am no longer what he is looking for ,
I help run an inner city unscheduled care facility and have a lot of ambulance service and emergency care experience
I am also a qualified practice teacher.
My question is what do the army want?
I am very keen and would have been in service 18 mths ago if not for a resistant injury.
I feel very let down by the whole experience and wonder if you can advise me on what I could do next?
any advice gratefully recieved


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Have you tried the RAF to see if you can get on one of their units?
IIRC they spend alot of time doing medivacs and you might get the odd tour in but it's worth a go
Two weeks at Halton IIRC
didnt realize that was a possibility I do live 90 miles from the sea though that may be a problem but well worth some investigation, cheers mate
What region are you from? Im from a medical unit and im pretty positive we wouldnt knock back someone with your quals
Theres a med unit in Nottingham.
try contacting

C 250 Med Squadron based in Hull

They are a TA Sqn attached to a Regular Regiment (as all other soon will be) and they have a detachment in Castleford
B det 212 (Yorkshire) field Hosp Beeston Notts.
Are you a nurse or a paramedic? Not sure from your posts. 2 very different options, training and roles.

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