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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Crazy_Ranger, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. Hi.

    I'm expecting to be called for a TA medical in the next month or so. I'm fairly confident that I'll pass, except that I wasn't blessed at birth with the straightest teeth in the world, and will shortly be getting braces (approximately 15 years after their becoming due). My dentist tells me it's braces now or false teeth at 50, and fcuk false teeth. I also have a good few fillings. And wisom teeth which are gonna get hacked out of my mouth too.

    Will I still be able to join the TA? Will I be able to train with braces (train tracks) and how would this affect mobilisation (I'm guessing it's a big no-no until the braces are removed).

    And finally, what does Chilwell look at on teeth prior to mobilisation? I'm goign to be spending a siht load over the next 2-3 years on orthodontics anyway, so if I can spend a little more to avoid failing a medical, I may as well.

    With Thanks,

    Paranoid Chomps
  2. As long as your gnashers don't trip you up whilst running, your in.

    braces mean bugger all, they will not stop you getting deployed if they want to deploy you, or stop you from joining for that matter.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    They check them at Chilwell and advise you what state they are in. If they are knackered they might fail you, but they have to be like a row of bombed houses or a NAAFI piano to get you out of the tour.
  4. Thanks.

    Every post on people being turned back from mobilisation seemed to be "teeth, teeth, teeth", so I was getting worried.

    Thanks for advice.
  5. The Defence Dental Service - through the Defence Medical Services, vide a Surgeon Generals Policy letter gives the acceptance criteria based on the new Risk Categories.

    If you are concerned - get a check up at your local Dentist - a detailed Treatment Plan and take this with you - each clinician has their subjective view of Risk - the DDS has laid down what falls into each category AS A GUIDE. They state that this is NOT prescriptive (if I remember correctly) as it is a subjective clinical view – after all they are PRACTICING dentistry ??

    The DDS is maturing into a good robust Service - working off the back of they DDA - however I have to balance that by saying - get good clinical advise.

    Hope that helps - pm me for more
  6. Teeth like a fighting patrol......well spaced out and lots of cam.....sounds like its the QAs for you me boy.