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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by smallbrownprivates, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Some clarification needed on the rules/new primary care contract:

    I'm trying to arrange a PULHEEMS for someone in my unit, but in some quarters I'm being told that he has to go to Chilwell (1- 2 days off work and travel costs) as "the new contract says all TA Medicals are done there".

    Given the same line came from a regular Med Centre 5 miles from the individuals home (the preferable location to get his medical quickly sorted!):
    A) is this right?
    B) if so, any bright ideas to get round it?
  2. no its wrong. i had a PULHEEMS last tuesday and only had to travel to my company hq. If hes still mobilised he has to go to Chillwell as hes on their books.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Ask to see a copy of the contract.

  4. If I can talk to the same person at the med centre without giving in to the urge to batter her to commonsense with a hardback telephone directory, I will ask that.

    If this individual is going from RARO to TA, does he need a mobilisation level medical?
  5. TA Medicals are now provided by TAOHS (TA occupational health Service - provided by the NHS.) - someone at your unit emails a proforma to them and they fax back an appointment. For us they are at one of the local TA units on their drill night - however you can specify a location elsewhere, ie one of our soldiers lives in Lancashire and has to travel quite far to get to us so I stuck Manchester on the proforma and hey presto - an appointment at their location in Manchester. As I understand each area has a "clinic" at a TAC in that place - we used to have a local CMP that was very helpful and supportive, however as he is not registered with TAOHS we can't use him. TA medicals are no longer supposed to be organised any other way - there is a contract in place - for example we needed a fit for course medical at short notice, the RSM just wanted to send him to a local med centre, however if Div had got wind of that we would have been fucked.

    I suggest finding whoever deals with TAOHS in your unit (each div has a TAOHS team) and ask them to arrange a medical as near as his location possible - btw as far as I'm aware they all are done on drill nights.
    There may be a TAOHS clinic at Chilwell hence the med centre giving you that info? Or more likely they aint got a clue

    Ps. The new system isn't perfect, we've had people turned away for having the "wrong paperwork" when infact it was correct. One of the GP's at the local 'clinic' thinks hes more important than he is, he's had several wrist slappings from TAOHS as a result heh
  6. Last TA medical assessment I had was, shall we say, 'brief'. It was for a Fit to Attend certificate and went:

    Doctor: "So what are yo here for?"

    Me: "I'm going on a course and they need a Fit To Attend certificate."

    Doctor: "Are you fit to attend the course?"

    Me: "Yes."

    Doctor: "OK. Where's the form?" And she promptly signed it.

    It may have been so perfunctory because I am also a doctor, but I found it amusing that it had no integral value at all. I wasted one of her appointments and had to take a few hours off work. The army paid me a 1/4 of a day's wage. And I could have, essentially, signed it myself.

    I suppose another way of looking at it - it employed an Army doc who would have otherwise been sitting in the Mess, got me 1/4 day closer to my annual training requirement, and meant the army was protected if I dropped dead on the course (which I did come close to!).