ta medical appendix 9 and up grade?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by aurelian, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. hi i was given an appendix 9 it says i am mds not,mes t, mes a4 l3 m6 e3. what dose that mean to me. the injury was mild nfci diagnosed at navel institute in gosport. i want to get back to fully deployable what should i do. i have another visit to gosport soon.its ok now dose not stop me doing any thing
  2. Say again in English, Please.

    You may need to recheck the Details on the App 9, as the some of ones posted do not correlate with any from PAP 10.

    PM me if you prefer.
  3. MDS not - not deployable - the old one was MND

    MES T - temporary as opposoed to permanent

    A4, fit to be flown in arcraft (defaualt for army)
    L3, fit for some land duties with some restriction subject to medical risk assessment
    M6 - maritime assessment not needed
    E3 - employment in UK only
  4. MDS - Medical Deployment Standard (PAP 10 v3 Chap 1 page 7) e.g. MFD (Medically Fully Deployable) MLD (medically Limited Deployment) MND (Medically Not Deployable). These will have a T (temporary) or P (Permanent) afterwards:

    "The Medical Deployment Standard describes the medical capacity for deployment and is determined by the P quality."

    JMES - Joint Medical Employment Standard

    "The JMES is awarded by medical staff in order to inform commanders of the employability and deployability of Service personnel. It describes the functional and geographical employability and specific medical restrictions. The JMES award has the same temporary or permanent marker awarded by the medical board to the associated PULHHEEMS grading."

    A4 - Fit to be flown in passenger aircraft
    L3 - Fit for limited duties but with some restriction subject to medical risk assessment.
    M6 - Maritime assessment not currently required
    E3 - Employment in the UK (including BFG and the Low countries and Nepal for Gurkha's only)