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just wanted to ask if anyone knows if a CMT3 (infantry capbadged) is eligable to go on the patrol medics course or would this be another total waste of time my PSI bangs on about Barts & Batls but i think ive got to be CMT1 for them

has any one heard of this MAC (Military Acute Care course)


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Hi, I am a CMT 1 but attached to a non AMS unit so am a little out in the cold regarding courses.

BARTS/BATLS is an excellent course but you do have to be a CMT1 to do it. The MACC I am not so sure of, it might be a replacement for the BARTS/BATLS its certainly something required by some AMS units prior to deployment (my mobilisation was not in trade) and something I want to do myself.

As for the patrol medics course, its not something I have done either, but I would say that in my experience no course is a waste of time. Everything has somehing to be gained from it and that little nugget of knowledge might be of immense value some day. Put in for each and every course that takes your fancy, the more the better.

I also understabd that next year CMT (V) training is going to be revamped with refresher courses for old gits like myself and new format training for those just starting out.

Sorry if this does not exactly answer your questions, but I hope its of some help.

All the best

many thanks for your words of wisdom I will bend my new PSI ear in january about said courses all ive got so far is my CMT2 in may and a 2nd holiday in the sun (as infantry) end of nxt year

kind regards


I firmly agree with the cardinal, you should always approach each course with the idea you may come away from it with something new..... :twisted:

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