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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yorkie_999uk, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,
    been a guest for sometime now and finally registered.

    I'm looking to join my local infantry unit and was wondering what roles could be open to me.

    Bit of info- I'm a state registered Paramedic with the Ambulance service, but wasn't initially looking at a medic role. (Was wanting more along the lines of soldier). I've kinda come full circle again and considering the medic role.
    What i was wondering though, would i be automatically 'pigeon-holed' as a medic and stuck in some hospital, or would i be able to take a more active role in a patrol etc.
    I'm currently sitting with the form in front of me glaring at me 'JOB PREFERANCE and REGIMENT'.

    Like i say, i'd put medic-infantry but i'm after a second opinion.
    The fella at my TAC said i wouldn't automatically be stuck in some rear echelon position but i wasn't sure if it was just saying what i wanted to hear.

    Sorry for the rant and thanks in advance for any info

  2. The TA don't have paramedics, only CMT's - Combat Medical Technicians.

    You could join as a CMT, and join either a medical unit or an infantry unit as you suggest. The army are shying away from deploying TA CMT's, but that wouldn't be a problem for you as you remain clinically current through your civilian job. I'm sure an infantry unit would welcome your skills and experience.

    If you join a medical unit, you can either join a local field hospital or one of the two nationally recruited units, again as a CMT. These brings different challenges, opportunities and deployments. You're far more likely to be able to clinically practice and train in a medical unit than an infantry unit, but will do far less "soldering". You're not likely to go on patrol etc with a medical unit and be warned that the vast majority of personal are doctors and nurses, with less CMT's, and even fewer (if any) that are civilian paramedics.

    There are 3 levels of CMT - I believe you'd be asked to do a conversion course and then be made CMT1.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon and suggest you look at the RAF Reserve - as they do have paramedic posts.

  3. Suggest join 4 PARA as a medic. - You'd get to do infantry stuff, but not as much as the blokes.

    144 Para Med Sqn as a medic - not as much infantry stuff, but every one gets a crack at the field stuff & not much Hospital Stuff

    Both Units have Dets in London & Glasgow
    Plus 4 Para, Pudsey, St Helens, Teeside,Edinburgh
    Plus 144 Nottingham, Cardiff
  4. There is a significant amount of nonsense in the replies thus far IMHO.

    If you want to be an infanteer - go for it, no one will care what your job is outside so long as you are good at your chosen TA career. In terms of being a Paramedic and joining a Field Hospital, yes you can but prepare to be a little under-valued (in the short term). Longer term there will be opportunities but if I read your post correctly, you would like a change from your day job??
  5. Care to elaborate on which part of my reply is a "significant ammount of nonsense"?
  6. At least be factual?
  7. Top Soldier:

    If there are LSNs for "paramedics" in the TA, then I was not aware of that, and neither is seems is anyone in my unit. Where are these paramedics?

    I think its generally recognised that the army are shying away from deploying or even recruiting TA CMT's, due to it being difficult for the majority to maintain their clinical skills. The exception being civilian paramedics and technicians, as I pointed out.

    And you disagree with my advice that a TA CMT in a medical unit will get more medical experience and training than a lone TA CMT attached to an infantry unit?

    Perhaps we should both wait for a TA CMT to come along and give us their opinion...
  8. I would suggest those from a certain Scottish unit woudl have a lot to say....................
  9. Your blood* right there, having consistantly deployed CMTs on Ops for a number of years, H10 being our latest adventure, on behalf of the unit I certainly would take issue with the comment that the army is shying away from deploying CMTs.

    We put our CMTs on an intense build up programme so there's little training difference between our CMTs & their regular counterparts. If there is a difference its often found in the amount & type of experience between the TA CMT & Reg CMT. Both however have strong points, its just how they're managed by the deploying unit. Shame they don't allow other arms to deploy though :x

    And if you aren't located in the free state of Scotia, PM me and I'll tell you where our Sqns are located in the oppressive State of Ingerlandt :D

    And if you look at the Med Regt that is about to go on an overseas adventure, just ask what unit their leading light came from 8)
  10. Happy now??
  11. Not sure if I entirly agree, but depends on which unit you go with, the one we went with last time & going out with this time didn't really know how to handle us, so we looked after ourselves, after the tour they generally found out how good our blokes were compared to theirs.

    This time we're getting "intensive training" all it is is a regular CMT course.

    We won't have time to do any proper training, by that I mean that out there it is an all arms combined effort, so you need well rounded,fit,experienced soldiers,with the latest training.

    A CMT1 course & a few days OPTAG dosn't = this
  12. Amazing isn't it?? After complaining that you get NO training you now complain that you are getting some!!!!!

    IMHO the point here is that the TA DO deploy medics and they DO get training. We would all like to see a programme where all get exactly the same but frankly that is just impossible, given that the TA have full time civilian jobs as well as the military committment.

    For those going good luck and thank you - for those who have been, stand by for the next one :)
  13. First of all, I'd ask the Infantry unit if they have any vacancies for a medic. If they do, you generally find that their medics are out on the ground with the patrols as opposed to being stuck at the field hospital. At least that's what I'm told by the CMT's attached to my lot.
  14. "Generally find"

    "that's what I'm told"


    Room 101 with that lot methinks........??
  15. Guys thanks for the replies.
    Just more that i have to mull over now haha.

    Think it will have to be 'soldier' role then take it from there wether i would be able to do the CMT bit after basic.
    As it was pointed out, kinda looking for a bit of a change from the day job but at the same time i feel i could be of some benefit in the med department.. I would consider RAF but as they got their own paramedics it would be highly unlikely (i would imagine) that they'd give a part-timer a place on the MERT which is probably the only thing that would interest me there1
    .....form's nearly done now :)