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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Phillip-Kotler, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm doing a bit of work around haemorrhage and haemostats, and was trying to find a set of protocols for the treatment of severe bleeds.

    I've been into the JRCALC protocols, but all I could find was 'arrest external haemorrhage' as the advice.

    Can any of you guys who may be paramedics point me in the direction of protocols for the treatment of severe bleeds by EMS, or give me a quick head up on the party line.

    Cheers. P-K
  2. If your talking about "civilian" guidelines mate it's pretty much Direct/Indirect pressure with dressings, fluid challenges, patient positioning for injuries such as chest, leg elevations etc and away you go to the nearest suitable trauma centre as they liked to be called now.
  3. Yeah, civvie guidlines - and I was interested in stab wounds, GSW and other penetrating wounds. So no tourniquets, QuickClot/HemCon etc?
  4. No mate, I have used a tourniquet in the past but it was something I did and not part of any guidelines we use, but we don't use any of the clotting treatments.

    In London we get quite a few GSW and stabbing, penetrating injuries etc but our treatment only involves what I mentioned in my first post.
  5. OK. Thanks for the info.