Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MemSec, May 8, 2003.

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  1. I know "medals maketh not the man", but having seen some Regular officers with no medals at all after 20 years in, and some TA corporals with 4 or 5 (eg Bos, Kos, Cyprus, NI, Jubilee), I am interested to find out the absolute maximum number of medals a TA bod can possibly have earned over the years as a TA bod.

    Criteria are they must be earned on either TA duty or mobilised service, so that includes long service medals and the Jubilee medal.  Also, honours count as long as they are awarded for TA service (ie MBE in Military list, not for being a lollipop lady !)

    Some exclusions:  

    Anything earned on FTRS or S Type engagements doesn't count, as these are career choices and good opportunities for gong hunters.

    Similarly, if you are an ex-Reg, any earned as a Reg don't count.

    Starter for 10:

    NATO (FRY) (1 tour)
    Golden Jubilee

    Anyone else ?
  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    MemSec, this is impossible.

    A STAB, when mobilised becomes an ARAB and therefore could qualify for any and the same medal collection.

    The only thing you could ping to this is the likelyhood, therefore STABs are unlikely to have NI,  S.Atlantic, Op Grappel and GW1 gongs but other than that I can't think of anything.

    Your comments about FTRS are slightly inaccurate as it doesn't necessarily mean for an Op somewhere, you might get a tour of Hydrabad QM's under your belt or 6 months cooking in Belize.  
  3. You should look no further than your own Regt. Memsec. One of the boys who is at present in Kosovo has.... Nato. FRY, Nato. Kosovo, Jub, TD. Ok he is earning the Kosovo at the moment and they are both former Yugo, but that should not be held against him. And yes before you ask he is a sad git.   ;D
  4. I have given this some thought but with the idea of how many medals a TA soldier could get without being mobilised in any form.

    If a young lad joined the TA at 18 in 1976 he could get:

    1977 Silver Jubilee Medal - if he won the unit lottery.
    1988 TEM - 12 years OR service at age 30.  If he was then commissioned:
    2000 TD - 12 years Commissioned service at 42.
    2002 Golden Jubilee Medal
    2010 Volunteer Reserves Service Medal at 52 if had reached at least Major and opted out of have clasps on his TD.
    Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal or MBE if he had been a real star along the way.
  5. Mr Happy

    A STAB remains a STAB when mobilised under RFA 96.  

    For S Types, a STAB would have to resign from the TA and join the Regulars.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Memsec,  I guess then that is what I did (S type) in 1996 - Certainly I was re-attested and then got discharge papers 7 months later.

    Isn't it the new gong a combined FRY/Kosovo thing so anyone currently going out to Bos/Kos will get (possibly) a THIRD medal covering both countries.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The new NATO Article 5 Bar and ribbon has replaced the Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Macedonia NATO Gongs, starting Jan 2003- Nice little money saver.


    And still a sad gong to boot!
  8. Thought the TA 'colonels' medal had been introduced to stop the regs pinching the TA 'quota' (a stupid idea) of MBEs. Seem to recall the last birthday honours had a considerable amount of MBEs for TA and only a couple of col's medal (did any go to cols, i know one went to a brig?)
    why not give up on col's medals and stick to MBEs, at least civ pop have vaguely heard of them.
    Same for BEM....
  9. Latest Birthday Honours list gave QVRMs to DIGTA (fair one ;D), 1 x Sergeant, 2 x WO2s and a Major.

    MBE : 55 were awarded, 11 went to TA (1 x SSgt, the rest officers - and only one of them a Lt Col) and one went to an ACF officer.

    OBE : 13 were awarded and 2 went to TA (both Lt Cols).

    No TA full colonels there at all this time...............  :(
  10. You sad people.

    ps I've qualified for four plus one bar.
  11. It's all very sad having a p***ing contest about medals.
    You can't count the new Balkans 'Non article 5' medal in your collection just yet as until it is approved by the queen you can't wear it, so if you've mounted it and you're off to do a bit of prancing around, best you take it off.
    Happy 'collecting' kids
  12. Theatreman:

    It's attitudes like yours that put so many TA people off.  So, more deployments for the regs, then.

    Whilst I see from your other outpourings elsewhere on this board that you have little to say that's positive, a civvy in uniform like an ODP can hardly comment on the TA!   Most Army ODPs I know are TA in reverse, filling their pockets with agency work! ;)
  13. VB

    It would appear that "theatreman" is a newboy here.  Another closed mind that needs educating judging by the quality of his posts.
  14. VB and Gas Gas Gas

    it looks like youve not quite grasped what this forum is about, its about TA medals and I was pointing out that the new Balkans medal cannot be worn yet.
    Im not disputing that Mil ODPs are making loads of money doing agency (why? because we can, we are highly trained, highly skilled and in high demand) but it is during our own time and leave. ODPs like nurses are on every op tour that goes but do we complain? no we crack on, the armys a job. If hospitals are prepared to pay daft amounts of money for agency ODPs, then who am i to complain. (but you still cant wear your gong yet!!)
  15. Sorry Dad, I didnt realise that this a serious web site