TA Medal

can anyone tell me if the Territorial Army Centennial Medal was awarded or can anyone whos been in the TA have it plz..

and err, no!
i cannot get into my last post to answer..thanks..
The thread on the ersatz gong for the TA centenary is locked. Should have been deleted to prevent me from picking at the festering scab.

I note that the Restoration of Peace medal is dedicated, on its reverse, "for all who strived for peace".

Whoever designed that medal probably drived his English teacher demented.

Has anyone else been moved to mirth by bling gong clangers?
You really are Dr Evil, aren't you? By clicking the linky to the Uber Waltenkommando Blinghof, my eyes have been temporarily blinded by the intensity of the colours!

Damn you, Dr Evil, DAMN YOU!!!!!! :)


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"Strived" is an acceptable simple past tense and past participle of the verb 'to strive'. 'Strove' is only a simple past participle. And yes, I am aware that spellcheck will highlight it anyway. This is due to the difference with American grammar.

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* splutter *

I'm not quoting Mr Gates and his Micro-soft at you, old boy.

You say "strove" is only a simple past participle. So, let's just be clear here, are you saying that "I strove to defeat Uncle Adolf" is wrong or - worse - American?

PS Perhaps it was the cringe-inducingness of the medal which primed me to be queasy about "they who strived", even if that gets absolved because of some grammar-evolves-can't-we-all-just-get-along-Dr-E? escape clause.