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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Guess many of you don't know what this about but any of those that do should sign up to The Mafioso

    Not a lot of posts on that site but its a start, we're trying to get a proper official site on ArmyNet (not looking good) and maybe look at getting access to IS wing material@Blandford. One army, one corp - so support it.

    The Mafioso is not just open to regulars, we can join (doing the course at Blandford doesn't give you the right).

    p.s. Its Friday, I've been doing a lot of mil interoperability stuff all week so I've having a beer or two tonight to relax. Its all getting periodontal.
  2. wont send to my E mail?
  3. tried to get on but cant, Dont have a current post or unit, so obviously isnt open to Ex Forces
  4. You say it's open to anyone, do you mean ANYONE? Or is it just YoS, FoS types?
  5. Its meant to be a closed site, I'll try to sort.
  6. Mafioso is singular.
  7. I tried to sign up, and put 'retired' as current post, but application was rejected as I do not have a current unit.
  8. Yes just supervisors, if you can find the thread on ArmyNet you'll see the ArmyNet site would be open to all. I read your posts today on the Sigs forum and I thought they should have been posted and answered promptly on ArmyNet (its partly what it was designed for - or was it solely to counter this site :D ).
    If TA Sigs is to move with the times we need a secure site like ArmyNet (classification RESTRICTED), support from 12 Sig Grp and 2 Sig Bde but we run the community not they Army. The regular part of the corps have said similar, so maybe no seperate TA area?
    The officers don't run our corps we do and I think if we embraced modern technology we would do a damn good job.

    p.s. now stopped drinking stella and onto wine

    p.p.s. I'd help run a site if needed and do the necessary courses
  9. Polar,

    why are you pushing for a closed site, a site just for you and your supervisor buddies, fed up a making an arrse out of yourself in public all the time, so you want to start doing it behind closed doors with all your peers?

    We all know the Mafioso are are a set of Arrsers any way.

    Surely a closed site for supervisors is not a good move, what if NRPS wanted a closed site, or the Regular Army wanted a closed site, It is supposed to be one army, why would the Signals supervisors deem that a site just for them would be the way forward.

    Although i suppose you could slag of the CoC and your subordinates and not risk a bollocking or singling out on parade, unless of course the CoC are given logins to overlook the forums!

    remember leadership and respect are a 2 way street, closed forums will always create suspicions and unease.

    :wink: :wink:
  10. My thoughts exactly....with a little more clarity....