TA médical for rejoined, are they just trying to be difficult?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sammym, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Firstly this is my first post. So hi.

    Now given that I am told the government want to increase the numbers of reservists by a factor of two, why are they going out of their way to make things difficult?

    To put it into context my problem is this. Now rather than being able to go and see the TA unit doctor, to get signed off for training. You now have to fill out a form, take it to your doctor, wait for him to send it back, then it gets sent off for someone else to look at, then if there is anything they don't like they ask for more info or evidence, and the whole joke of a cycle starts again.

    Now given that the old system used to work, why have they changed it? Are they just trying to make it difficult for people wanting to join or rejoin?

    Also if anyone knows if I am being lied to and if it is still possible just to go to the army doctor and get cleared or not cleared?
  2. Sounds like you are being treated exactly like a new entrant would be. Do you honestly think any unit, TA or otherwise, would go out of their way to lie or mess you about when hey can just say **** Off?
  3. I'm not suggesting they are lying or trying to mess me about. I'm suggesting, sometimes there are ways around things that they might not know about.

    I'm more critical of the new stupid polices more than the poor sods who have to work with them day in day out.
  4. Lets look at it another way. Exactly why are you not training?
  5. Because as it stands I'm stuck watching DVD's and being told about the fantastic skiing trips they run, on top of all the amazing foreign travel you will see in the TA.

    I left and want to rejoin. I left a while ago, like 5 years. It just seems they are making life hard for people.

    Now I have spoken to a friend about this, and we think it might be to try and stop people lying and claiming not to have some sort of spaztication to get in. However I don't really see how it works anyway, can't see anyone who would lie to an army doc not just filling the form in themselves and faking a signature. Now I know from looking at this form infront of me I need a doctors stamp, so that would cost me 5 quid at staples.

    At the end of the day, its just a pain the backside which does nothing but waste time and cost money.

    As a side note, it even says on this form I can refuse to let the MOD see my medical history, I have an option to not let them. So it's even more of a waste of time and money.
  6. Its an extension of the " one Army" principle. To ensure entrants to the TA meet a basic level to potentially serve alongside their regular counterparts. I would suggest that if you are getting fed up getting (in your opinion) messed about then perhaps you may have the wrong mindset for joining a reserve force that will be far less of a drinking club and more professional deployable force
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    First of all, your application will go to Glasgow to pull your old military file.

    This is called an AF203, and it takes months for this to happen because they very cleverly sacked nearly all of the civil servants who process things like this at Glasgow. For TA Inf, it is currently running at about 5 months.

    Then, if you are over 30 and have been out for more than 12 months, your army medical file and RG8 (form completed by your GP) go to the 1 man left who does occupational health checks for rejoiners. This is currently running at around 2 months turnaround after your AF203 has been cleared.

    It is definitely quicker to join from scratch - sending your RG8 to Glencorse for central clearing only takes about 2 months (as opposed to the 20 minutes by the doctor at your unit) because the staff who are supposed to be checking them haven't been employed, and may not be any time soon.

    It is a prime example of taking a good idea (common selection standards across the whole of the regular and reserve) and really, really ******* it up in the implementation. It has sent the recruiting process back into the dark ages and costing us lots of potential recruits who have found something else to do with their time by the time their paperwork has tricked its way through the system.

    But don't worry - we are still ploughing an absolute fortune into an advertising campaign without the ability to manage any enquiries from any one who does actually bother to apply after seeing it.

    It is the equivalent of a Coca - Cola running a massive advertising campaign with no drinks in stock, and the factory running a 5 month backlog in making any more. You raise the interest level, but then cronically underperform in coming up with the goods. Don't be surprised if people start drinking Pepsi in the meantime.
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  8. The Duke, has said what I was trying to say in a much better way.

    The only thing I disagree with is the idea that doing it in the first place was a good idea. One selection policy is all well and good in principle. But the TA or "army reserve" as I was told they are about to be called, aren't the same as the army. They are normal guys who spend weekends and one evening a week doing some training. Then when and if they are needed they go and do lots more training with a regiment. The idea that they are ever going to be compatible to full time professionals is ridiculous.
  9. I applied from scratch last month and I've just passed recruit selection weekend. My unit heard back from Glencorse within a week after sending my RG8. It appears that the process can be quick - me getting through so quickly may partly be down to my unit though.
  10. This is a perfect summary and could be used to answer a wide range of TA/reg joining "why isn't my application processing faster " questions.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That doesn't mean that we should accept every applicant with a dodgy ticker, gammy foot and asthma. The quality line MUST be the same - but the application process must be quicker and easier.
  12. Indeed.

    Frustrating isn't it?
  13. At no point was I saying that. Infact it's the opposite I was saying.

    My point was, all this jumping through hoops is going to make sweet f all difference. Lets just imagine this:

    Before dodgy bloke who wants in goes and lies like mad to unit doctor. Gets in. Now, bloke takes form home and signs it himself. Nothing the army are going to do to change that. In theory they can do background checks and all sorts of stuff, but I know as well as anyone who's been part of any TA unit that they won't. All it does is cost a shed load of money, loses plenty of decent applicants and wastes lots of peoples time and energy.

    actually if any moderator or whatever wants to delete that then fair play. I don't want to give anyone ideas of how to buck the system and don't know about the forum rules.
  14. I started training recruits in 2002 and the statement above best describes the process.

    But as I said to another irritated individual on a similar thread about four days ago, have patience, you are always gonna get fucked about.

    On the bus, off the bus in all its glorious permutations. Enjoy it and smile.
  15. So why put:

    "Also if anyone knows if I am being lied to and if it is still possible just to go to the army doctor and get cleared or not cleared"?