TA lose out on latest Honours and Awards

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rainbow-Warrior, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. With the percentage of reservists on active duty I am surprised that no-one from the TA received anything this time round. Is it because the TA commanders feel reluctant to put forward any of their bods in case they are ridiculed? Is it because the TA only do less dangerous tasks and therefore have little chance of carrying out a brave act worthy of an award? Is it because the TA doesn’t work hard enough in HQ's and don't get recognition for honours? Is it simply because they are TA?
  2. AIUI one TA unit currently in a sandy, hilly place has very recently had a VERY robust 12 hour "exchange of views" with Terry Taliban...
  3. apart from probably being a polynesian word what does it stand for?

    As for the unit - who is it? I know that its not the Rifles as they are getting their cold weather gear sorted at the mo
  4. its text/mong slang for "as I understand it" and is used by ********* who are too feckin' lazy to write proper! :roll:

    Back to the topic - personally I think that a TA soldier is a second class citizen when it comes to handing out any kind of recognition - lets face it, thousands of TA had to quite literally beg for their Telic medals while MoD civil servants who visited on fact finding tours had theirs on their desks when they returned to work!
  5. I wonder if the lack of awards is a simple case of who owns the TA bod in question?

    For example a mobilised TA soldier is attached to a regular unit and once discharged from mobilised service is back with the TA. We know that OP Inserts have a habit of not "appearing" for a while and I wonder wether the status of a mobilsed soldier may make it difficult for the paper machine to process the award - or if indeed their is a chain of escalation for such things? It could simply and sadly be a bureaucratic issue?
  6. No - citations are done in theatre to a timetable, so this is not a factor.

    What has been a factor in my experience (although may not be more widespread) is that a TA soldier in a composite TA sub-unit is likely to fare worse than a TA soldier in a regular unit because:

    1. The citation will be signed by a TA Maj. Compared to a host of citations signed by reg Lt Cols, this is immediately a downer.

    2. The staff work and DW by TA OCs can be poor (and, to be fair, they don't get the staff support avail to a reg CO). Shoddy citations are easy to bin during the filter process.

    So, for 2 borderline citations, the TA one may fail first.

    That said, if the soldier is fully deserving, then people will pull out all the stops to help, with re-writing etc.
  7. I read recently of a TA soldier who was snubbed for an award despite risking his life, while a Reg who helped at a distance got one. I got the impression that it was because he was TA
  8. Oh stop moaning - is it what anyone joined up for??? Medals????

    God give me strength - could it be, that just for once they did their jobs and not more???
  9. Where did you read that?\

    T C
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I think it depends. A TA NCO in my coy on Telic 6 got a deserved MiD for one of his actions, so it does happen.
    However other things can affect it. I got a civil award for one incident, as did the team commander. The tour OC was our own OC from back home, and he put us forward for a Lord Lieutenant award, and passed the recommendations for the other two members of the team involved to their respective company commanders, who then apparently did nothing with them. So, out of a team of four, who all did exactly the same, two got rewarded, two didnt. The two that didnt missed out because their OC's did not pass on the recommendation.
  11. In the Ops list today Maj M J Farrington MBE RLC was awarded an MBE on the Op OCULUS list.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Man does have a point there. Dont forget that to earn medals, you have to do something extraordinary, we're not american after all...
  13. You sound like fcukin' journo!?! Noshers the lot of them!