TA loosing out on recruits

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Have had a number of people at my work interested in joining the TA, even had two through the doors but in the end rejected the TA at the first hurdle.

    1st walked into a brief about Kosovo mobilisation
    2nd found the distance too much and didn't fancy the local infantry
    another thought about it but rejected it due to the probability of mobilisation (which was nil as they were a student at the time)

    Maybe its no loss, they'd all be the types that joined the TA of old (and would have gone on ops after a few years). Instead my unit seems to be getting many wanting to rejoin the regulars after a discharge, joining the TA while they do their 'Service Prep' course, want to goto Iraq or low paid after extra cash.
    Looking at this long term, only the low paid(plus maybe ex reg) would probably stay in the TA to become the future 'Enabling Component', the guys at my work joined them in the past. So is the TA doomed once the 'dinosaurs' from preSDR days have left? Or are we already there, last ex I went on we only managed about 10-15 people who could operate a computer from an entire TA Signal regiment!

    p.s. Most of those I mentioned, have knowledge of some military computer systems far in advance of any regular soldier/airman/sailor.
  2. I don't think were doomed. 7th Scots (A Coy) are sending 17 people off on the summer challenge this Friday and there have probably been another 15 since January, I think thats quite good. Of the 30 or so at least a 1/4 joined for ops, theres still a few students, geeks, loners and pussies but on the whole were pretty game up here!

  3. I'm in agreement with you Polar that the TA has changed and that once old and bold have left we will have a core of experienced soldiers and no CoC.

    The expectation is to join now and be mobilised, with the requirement to reflect core skills and competencies that will enable us to be operationally effective as IR's or at a formed sub-unit level. Now whilst I whole heartedly agree with the high standards demanded, the distinction between TA and regular is less marked. Why therefore should anyone want to join the TA when the continued feedback from the forums is that frequently they feel like second class citizens.

    It is great that the new recruits join realising that they will in all likelihood be mobilised, where as it the past they soldiered for a few years, gained experienced and then considered FTRS/ S-type postings etc. The difference is that these soldiers now use the TA as a means to look in on the regular army. The positives are that many do choose after mobilisation to go regular, however this only cannibalises the TA. To make matters worse we then double count the same new recruit and congratulate ourselves on inflated numbers.

    I am sure that there is no real audit trail to see what the numbers are, but certainly in London and in my own experience (as limited as it might be). But the TA is in a worse shape than many are prepared to admit, and out right addressing of the situation would appear a tacit acceptance of how bad everything has become.

    We have raised the standards, but we now need to understand that recruits will be indifferent to regular or TA service in future.
  4. Hi James.

    Just wondering, where did you get the figures from :?
  5. Just busy eyes and ears, i'm there all the time!

  6. Hey guys/girls.

    I have a mate who doesn't really have much on at the moment. Recently dropped out of uni due to financial problems and i've nearly managed to talk him into TA. Problem is I know once he gets in and the ball is rolling he will enjoy it and stay but i'm not sure he will get that far. At the moment he's got a bit lazy and a, shall we say, lassiez faire attitude to life but he really needs something to get into. I've looked him up a TA unit where I used to go to cadets (RGJ on Davies St, London) and just wondered if there is anyone on here who also goes to the same unit. Any suggestions or ideas would be great!

  7. TA has completely changed.

    I think of TA as a hobby. I have no wish what so ever to fight in Iraq/Afghanistan. If i did i would have joined the Regs, and i clearly didn't do that.

    I probably wouldn't join in the present climate. I'm not surprised we're not getting the same numbers through the door as we used to.

    The whole army is being cannibalised. While our governments ambitions get larger and our defence budget gets smaller, thats not going to change.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen; I present the problem with the modern TA:

  9. And whats wrong with that exactly?

    I spend one evening a week and most weekends doing it, because i like it... how else do you define a hobby?

    Don't we have a professional full time army to fight wars?

    Whats false about the above two statements smartarse?

  10. I don't understand Top Badger either.

    You might consider the TA a hobby but unfortunately when you take the Queen's shilling she certainly doesn't.

    You joined the Territorial Army, not the Territorial Adventure Training club.

    Nothing personal but I just don't agree with you.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Hey, i'm quite happy to defend GB (hence the name Territorial in the title), this was still our role when i joined.

    What i won't be happy with is enforcing "dubya's" foreign policy and oil grab.

    I don't like where the TA is going, and i suspect most people who considered joining (less those who look at it as a door to the Regs) would agree, hence the drop in numbers.

  13. Invisiblehelper

    where have you heard that, I'm trying to join (TA) after being in regs in the hope of being used - you've just made my day!
  14. Then it follows that its also a fact that the TA is going to die on its arse...
  15. You can take this bite as a six course f*cking meal if you like:

    If it's reached the stage where you are only part of the Army for your enjoyment, then I suggest you go and join the cadets. It's mainly full of adults who like to large it up and get privilidges without having the responsibilities.

    You know full well that the Regular Army cannot cope with all the commitments, on it's own. Therefore, we have to provide a reliable and proffessional reserve element. Frankly, I find your attitude and can't do mentality disgusting. The sooner we get shot of people like you, the better the image of the TA shall be.