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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by PlanetHead, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all....newbie member here hoping to pick your brains...Firstly, apologies if this general topic has been covered elsewhere, and secondly, I really don't want to start an argument about which unit is the best, the hardest, the most elite etc - i've seen how some of these threads can turn to carnage!

    I am looking to join a TA unit in around London (I live in east London/Essex and work in Westminster) I've got an open mind regarding what I want to do and my expectations but generally looking for something that will push me physically (and mentally, if possible), give me the opportunity to do new things and acquire new skills as well as meet new people and enjoy a varied social side too, as well as giving my bit back to Queen and Country (sounds a bit corny I know)

    Anyway, about me - i'm a 30 year old Police Sergeant with the Met. Just things to take into account - 1. I work shifts so my availability varies and 2. In military circles i'm probably regarded as middle aged, although I have a reasonable base level of fitness (currently training hard to improve this).

    I've done a bit of online research and have come up with the following units. I do intend to visit each one, as I think this is important to do in order to get a feel for the unit and speak to people first hand. In the meantime, if any of you guys can give me a bit of a steer on the pros and cons of each unit (especially if you're currently serving in one), it would be much appreciated.

    1. 4 Para (Quite motivated by the challenge of P Coy and the opportunity to get my 'wings').

    2. Intelligence Corps (like the idea of using my brain but i'm not doing this to be stuck in on office/barracks, not sure if that is the case?)

    3. HAC (seems to have an interesting role and a good social side)

    4. RMP (an obvious choice given my day job)

    Your views guys? Also, if there are any units that I haven't considered, please let me know.


  2. You seem to have had a good look at what's available and found some suitable units. You should be able to fit the TA around your shifts and most units are flexible so long as you are up front about your working patterns and how much you can commit. Your best bet is to pop into a few different units on their drill night to see what they can offer you and which you like. At the end of the day it will come down to your preference and you can always transfer at a later date if you feel you've made the wrong decision.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    First things first do you have permission from plod to join? From what I gather there is a long waiting list in the Met and there is a cap on what percentage of the force can join. I know of at least two Met coppers who joined my unit in the past 3 years without permission from their employer and had to leave.

    If you do have permission then I'd suggest you get yourself along to Armoury House on Tuesday the 7th for the open evening, you won't regret it.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Your shift rota may cause you a problem with 4 Para. The recruit cadre last for 9 weekends (roughly one on, one off). In between these you will be expected to train on Tuesday evenings. Because of the increased time spent on phys at weekends, some of the core subjects are taught on Tuesday nights (as well as more phys, obviously).

    Miss too many Tuesdays or more than one weekend and you will probably miss too much to enable you to catch up in the time available. If you want to go for 4 Para you should go to the briefing night (usually the first Tuesday of each month) and get the dates for the next cadre. You will then need to work hard to juggle your shifts to enable you to fit it all in.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Similar situation at the HAC. During recruits course and the patrols course, basically your first year, you will need to be around on Tuesday evenings and roughly one weekend a month plus a 2 week final training ex at the end of recruits course and another two weeks at the end of PSC.

    First Tuesday of every month is also the HAC open evening but you get free beer. ;)
  6. You've left out F Company 7 Rifles, the Mayfair Mafia. Couple of coppers on their books, very strong Infantry Company. Next to Bond Stret underground.

    0207 629 3674.
  7. As Ravers said, there's a list for the Police and you will have to go right to the back. I know this because there's a Police Officer who signed up with me but has yet to undergo Basic whereas I'm already through it. RMP - You would be an asset to them, but do you really want to do at the weekend what you do in the week? Just a thought. The RMP are also a fairly incestuous bunch. Good lads but a very claustrophobic society. Don't forget there are bog standard Infantry Regiments in London too. The Rifles seemed like a good switched on set of guys and they're based in Bond Street, I wasn't as impressed with the London Reg Guys, indeed some are positively ****. HAC and Para both require really strong physical fitness. I'm pretty sure that you will have to get a sub 9:30 mile and a half BFT even if you're over 30 - other people will be able to confirm it. You will also have to learn to love tabbing. If you want to go super fit, don't forget there's also the Royal Marines Reserve in London too. Just take a couple of Roll Mats.

    From what I've heard Int Corps is bursting at the seams with new recruits, people seem to have sniffed the SDR wind so there's a lot of traffic at the moment from Trained soldiers from some of the above regiments to the Int Corps, they can afford to be very picky at the moment, so you will ideally bring a language or some other form of goodies to the table. Something else nobody seems to think of is the Medics. You're Police so you should have a fairly good First Aid training - maybe this skill set could be of use as a combat medic.
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or as you live out east, G Coy 7 RIFLES at West Ham 02084720140.
  9. Thanks for all your input guys. With regards to the Met - I have my name on the waiting list and i'm about 4 months away from being given permission so I want to do all my research now so I can hit the ground running when the time comes (I also need a few months to get my fitness up to scratch).

    Whichever unit I go for I fully expect the first 12 months (at least) to be an even bigger commitment in order to get up to 'trained' or 'operational' status (or whatever you call it in the military). I think the Met are a 'TA friendly' employer. I know one guy on my department who is serving with SAS(R) - so if he can manage that level of commitment around working shifts etc, then i'm sure I can do the same, with a bit of forward planning.
  10. Yeah, I thought about this too. I some ways it make sense, as they both go hand in hand (to some extent) but, as you said, it's good to do something different. I guess I need to find out exactly what the TA RMP do - I have read posts that suggest that there is an opportunity to do the RMP CP course - that is something that interests me. I've had some contact with RMP CP in my day job, and i've always found them to be a very professional outfit (like all of the military, I suppose).
  11. Have you considered the Royal Marines Reserve? They are in the City I believe.
  12. You won't even be considered to go on the selection for CP without doing a normal tour first.
    253 RMP have an open evening on 8th December. You are welcome to come along to hear what we do. If interested PM me.
  13. Thanks for the post. Have looked into RMR - like the idea - definitely a big challenge. The only thing that puts me off is that it seems to attract a very high commitment - particularly in the first 18 months or so when you're working towards your green beret. While i'm certainly prepared to give commitment wherever I go, I need some flexibility as working shifts there will be the odd drill night I won't be able to make.

    Not ruling anything out at the moment though...
  14. Thanks buddy - PM sent