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TA Live!

My phone has higher quality video than that, and if we're talking helmet-cam, you can get 1080p for a couple of hundred quid nowadays.

Those videos look more like its trying to relive the glory days of SSVC tapes played through a couple of hundred times and shown on a clapped out telly...

... which could be exactly what they're trying for as a day in the life of the TA :D


Well.. It will be. These are the 'teaser' ads on youtube; though IMO you need to have read the TA Live background brief to be even remotely teased by a 10s clip.

Still, it beats the incomprehensible nonsense that was the last campaign.
So in your opinion if you haven't read the brief, the teaser ads won't be effective?

So we may well have spent yet more money on a campaign that will only really work on the audience we do not need to attract - those who are already in the system and have therefore read the brief.



Sounds as competent as every previous national TA recruiting effort.


Oh good! So we're remaining as TA (not Army Reserves) for the foreseeable future?
One of the reasons this campaign was delayed, was the dithering over the name change. However, as usual, we'll have to wait until "the announcement" (which is delayed)*.

At a recent briefing I attended, the TA live! campaign was explained. It's actually pretty good and aimed firmly at the target demographic. I did think it was a bit too clever, but I sit firmly in the dinosaur category when it comes to Twatter, Faceache and modern life in general. I'm told these things can be effective.

I remain hopeful, that after the last embarrassment, this one will be better.

*Seems most of my TA career has been waiting for "the announcement" (delayed).


This procedure it describes -

Is it the old procedure (which varied from ADSC to ADSC), the ideal solution once CAPITA eventually get round to running it, or the compromise imposed on us until that time?
Watched the other, longer videos. Quite good, probably the best I've seen for several years.

No ambiguity it was the TA not the regular army, recruitment procedure quickly explained ditto the training. You have to be Muslim or female to join.... (and in the NHS)

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I'm loving the CS95 throughout, the STAB officers passing out in No 2 dress (Find out how to join the TA - YouTube), the presence in the vid of people who I know left the TA ten years ago (see the ULOTC chap at 1:42 here Find out how to join the TA - YouTube) ...

But to be fair, at least they are AT LAST mentioning operational deployments as a reality rather than a hypothesis: Lead a more challenging life - YouTube and Find out about the different roles - YouTube

The TA RAC, RA, REME and RAMC get mentions/exposure but Inf and RLC only fleeting glimpses. A hint?

At any rate, it's damn sight better than this - DO MORE. BE MORE. Defining the TA - YouTube - which is still as fcking bonkly offensive now as it was way back in 2012.

Overall, B- with a dev for this promotion. Do you like what I did there?
Duke and Dr E - My guess is that these are not 'TA Live' products. These are older films reposted in advance of the campaign, more TA Live stuff due to follow in next 2 weeks. Some stuff on ITV as well, for those who watch commercial television.
So who's been pinged for this this? We are firing 50 cal on the 16th down Lydd, not heard about any live camera crews tipping up. If they do I wonder If they'll follow us down the village and film me on the Karaoke after 10 pints.

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