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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Harris, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Hey Folk's!

    First post so i dont want to drag on, ive been reading through the threads for some time now, and you all seem a great bunch of lad's so i thought i'd post.
    I'm hoping to join the TA as soon as possible, (very interested in infantry) i'm just wondering what TA life is like? In your opinion. Are your experiences good? Any replies are very much appreciated!

  2. the plural of folks has no apostraphe - an apostrophe before the "S" indicates ownership

    The TA is brilliant - but you have to have a sense of humour! :p
  3. I've been in the TA 16 years now and can thoroughly reccomend it. Done the Infantry thing, OK if you fancy running around cold, wet training areas and living in a hole in the ground (Boys Own type thing), however if you have any transferrable skills from civvy street (HGV/PSV licence, Telecoms, IT skills etc) then consider the specialist TA instead (now called Nationally Recruited). PM me if you want any further info (RLC specific)
  4. Hi and welcome,

    In my experiance TA life is good at the moment although i do have some issues i have to discuss with my CoC.
    I am signals so for me the normal communication ex's are a bit of a drag as it is usually a case of SSDD or same field different day. in a word they suck (for me anyway, as i question why i join the signals) the mil' skills weekends are much more fun although hard work. my unit do not do them too often so it is a fun change and is generally a bit of a laugh. i suspect that in a inf. unit they are a bit more serious and harder work.
    Outside of the TA i now have a much better life as a result of the TA, i go to the gym more and i am much healthier that before i joined although i am still no racing snake.
    I found the recruting stages the best experiance so far of my TA career as everything is new to you and interesting.

    Basically the TA is great and although it has many down points and inprovements can be slow in coming, it's got a good social life and i always miss it when i am away (sad i know).

    anyway i hope that has informed you abit a think you will get a better response from some inf. guys as thats what your looking to join.

  5. Company Commander is OC (officer commanding) not CoC - but I have met a few who were! :wink:
  6. Thanks for the info The-Daddy, never was good at english :(
    Cheers for the replys guys, sounds a hell of alota fun!

    maff, i'm just having a quick gander at specialist TA information, i'll send you a PM if i get confused! :D shoudn't take to long.

  7. Think I_G meant chain of command.
  8. yep - but I'm still giggling! :roll: 8O :D :lol: :wink: 8)
  9. Harris,
    I'm infantry, and its f****** brilliant. Wouldnt change it for anything. in civvy im a mainframe engineer, and its a great change. Depends how you feel though, personally i'd recommend infantry all day long, but just coz i like rollin round in sh1t, doesnt mean you will. I just prefer variation, and dont want to be stuck at a terminal at weekends as well. If you've got a sense of humour and the ability to do the job in hand you'll do fine.
    Keep us posted on how it goes buddy.

    p.s. where are ya based?
  10. Infantry - salt of the bloody earth 8)
    I joined the TA before joining the regs then rejoined when I came out. Hardtimes/good times, got hot/freezing cold, got bored/got knackered, got pissed/stayed sober. At the end of the day if you can survive this lot, look back and have a laugh you'll enjoy it, but probably not at the time unless you were doing a live firing attack with full support weapons.
    Which unit do you intend to join?
  11. Join the infantry everything else is harder work and less fun .Its not a career like the regulars so you might as well do something fun and challenging .When your older you can allways transfer to something less strenous.
  12. ooo nice responses :D

    Hey Fuzz1, i'm in Yorkshire, Leeds. According to the Army jobs website, theres Harewood Barracks roughly 4.8 miles away from me, combat (infantry).
    I personally like to be in the thick of things, and like you i like rolling around and basically been busy! :tongue:
    Reading through what you guys have said i feel very positive about the infantry, its unbelievable.

    Thank's alot folks :tongue:

    PS: I'll keep you posted.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    4 Para, Pudsey.

    Quality infantry, plus the added delights of P Coy and military parachuting.

    Nuf said
  14. Harris
    At least in Leeds you'll be used to the cold and wet. Get used to it. it's the infantrymans best friend.
    Get fit or fitter and go for it.
  15. I loved the life in the TA , Best thing i ever done and wished that i done it 10 years earlier. Have met fantastic people over the years and they are people who have remained true freinds . Also learned loads of skills that made me a better person . Only reason i left was to go to the Regs .