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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pentercost, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. I’ve been reading through the Joining the TA forum today and noticed how a lot of the advice given to potential recruits was along the lines of ‘Go to your nearest TAC and have a look around’. While this is sound advice it did get me thinking about how many people one here are actually aware of the TALO program?

    For those that aren’t, TALOs are TA personnel who work during the week in AFCOs, in uniform and as a member of the TA. The idea behind it is that they act as an advisor on TA issues for the Regular Recruiters and as a ‘Recruiter’ of sorts for applicants who attempt to join the TA through the AFCO. He/she informs them about the TA and the units open to them in the area, as well as perhaps starting the application process before handing them off to the unit.

    It’s all very one army, with benefits to recruiting and retention being fairly self evident. While there’s still some cap badge recruiting, rightly so as its the unit that coughs up the MTDs, it does give an applicant a much better introduction to the TA as a whole as opposed to the old ‘Well you’ve walked into a Infantry TAC, so your now an infantryman.’

    As far as I’m aware it’s not a universal program at the moment, I know of a few brigades that run the program but I’m unsure on how widespread it is.

    Basically, straw poll time, who was aware of it and who thinks it’s a good idea?
  2. Blimey, bit late for a post like this isn't it? :)

    Wasn't aware of TALO's. Out of interest is it an FTRS post?
  3. It is a good idea. The only problem is that you have to find someone in your unit who is unemployed but also that you are happy to be seen as a rep of your unit. Also, that due to the fact that most TA soldiers have jobs and the ACIO is open office hours you have to be prepared for very little return on investment.
  4. TALO posts are not FTRS, however, some brigades are pushing for them to be. They do work. I know that in our area it has made quite a large difference and I think the AFCO/ACIO not just the TA units are getting the benefits from them too.

    It is important to have TA representatives in an area including, but not limited to, TALOs. Esspecially since 'ONE ARMY' has been implemented the regular recruiters have realised that more had to be done to improve recruiting and retention within the TA.

    The only down side is that often the units, esspecially those most cash-strapped find it hard to put their hand in their pocket to find the money to do it and although TALOs recruit for all the units within the area it is unlikely that units with out a TALO get as many recruits.

  5. Our SSM is the TALO in our local AFCO.
    Good bloke and brings in the odd recruit through this system but probably not as many as we would have liked.
    Think we recruit more through our own gates.
    I still think its a good idea though, it all adds up.
  6. There is no reason a TALO couldn't work, given a desk in the local AFCO and co-operation from the staff I think this topic came up in the very early days of Arrse , MSR or OS could possibly confirm.

    The ideal person to my mind, would be from an existing RTT. If we can speak to those who are wavering about committing to a regular career , then why not? Rather than have them go altogether.

    There is no need to make this post FTRS , why do that? Rotating bodies in from a unit should suffice. We've already had this discussion at my unit, and 3 people have already said they're willing to do days on this, as well as manning a desk at the local Baroo, backed by recruiting media directly relevant to the Reserve Forces.

    As regards funding, then get a 'pot' of MTD's from other local units to fund handsome and knowledgeable Infanteers in the slot :D While I'm not sure just how 'donated' MTD's would work, I'm sure there must be some way to do this. Oh, and incentivise the TALO , cash for recruits.

    Seriously though , to deal with the "you'll just snaffle people" unease, do selection to units on the BARBS test , as per the Regulars , and try your best to facilitate the punters choice.

    They could also man AFCO's on Saturday and even Sundays. Seems fairly ridiculous when most major towns are chogged with suitable candidates on a weekend, that there isn't an AFCO open? So turn AFCO's over to Reserve Forces on Saturdays and Sundays?
  7. Great idea - would need a huge amount of will from the regs to sign over 'CES complete -AFCO' to the TA though!
  8. I spoke with a TALO a few months back, she (yes she) was great in helping for advice for joining a local unit, but when it came to questions about National TA units and their recruiting, I hit a big wall. Great idea, poorly executed in my experience...
  9. They might insist on an Officer or a SNCO to be present/keyholder , but why not?

    The Brumopolis on Saturday and Sunday is heaving with suitable bodies. Many of them do have jobs and are unable to get into an AFCO during the week. We shouldn't (Reg and Res) be losing out on contacting and starting to process an individual because he or she isn't available during the working week.

    RNVR could use it as well, but RauxAF I don't think have any units close for a reserve footprint.

    In the early stages, let's get it workiing under Army :D
  10. This is all news to me.

    Is there a rank requirement ?

  11. Couldn't agree more, splendid idea, bet it never sees the light of day. :(

    A a former recruiting rep , I always tried to keep up good relations with the local AFCO, a bit tricky when you are working in another town , live 15 miles away from the TAC and spend a lot of duty time worrying about the guys already in the system that needed medicals, paperwork etc etc etc.
  12. I know several people who have taken up this position within the Battalion, all are SNCO's & are awarded an extra couple of hundred MTD's for the role.
    They spend some on the week at the AFCO's and some at the TAC's progressing TA recruits through the system.
  13. No rank requirement needed. Over the last year my unit has had both Riflemen and unemployed Subbies working as TALOs. However, most are presentable JNCOs with their heads screwed on.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I am afraid I simply fail to see what a TALO offers above and beyond a visit to your local unit.
  15. Most newbies are more likely to wander into a recruiting office than a TAC. They might not even have known about the options the TA can give or even the differences (we've had people wander into the TAC thinking it's the Regs).

    I think it's a good idea but had never heard of it. There'd have to be some structure or it'd be a doss and a half for an NRPS job.