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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by davie0146, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    was speaking to an ADJ of an OTC at the weekend, he mentioned that a new way for getting a commssion along the lines of the regular LE commssion. this is aimed at people over 30 with a minimum of 5-6 years service, it cuts out all the TAPOC?DETAPO stuff by the sounds of it you have to get recommended by your OC then you sit an interview with 3 officers (i wouls imagine like TCB) if you then pass this interview you get comissioned with the provision that you attend a 2 week confirmatory assesment at sandybuckets!

    anybody heard of this?

    ps if i got some of the thing wrong please excuse me as i was slightly intoxicated :wink:

  2. I believe you have to be a SSgt or above, be interviewed by the LECB (Commisioning Board). If recommended a SSgt would normally get Lt and and WO2 Capt.
    I don't believe you have to attend Sandhurst.
  3. http://www.sandhurst.mod.uk/leoc/ta.htm Have a look at the RMAS site. They do a TALEOC course now for SSGTS and above who have passed a Bde board (3 X Lt Cols) and over 30 years old with "considerable" service.

    "a TA LE officer is deemed to be one who has served in the ranks for a considerable period of time, is over 30, and was commissioned by a Div/Dist/Bde Board".

    PM me if you need more info.
  4. ^I see you have to do the Mk1 before attending that course and the course should be done within a year, how long does that take?
    Also I see one course straddles two financial years, how does that work for bounty?
  5. The two week course has been designed for well motivated students with some previous knowledge and experience, who have completed a small pre-reading package based on current affairs and Military Knowledge 1 (MK1) material

    The small pre-reading package is based on MK1 it is not actually MK1.
  6. I thought all LEs were now commissioned as Lieutenants. I may well be wrong.
  7. LE Promotion Rules

    Full details of the rules for promotion to Major and Lieutenant Colonel are in a number of sources. AGAI 35 has yet to be updated following the 1998 LE Review so DCI(A)56/98 should be consulted if necessary. Below is a summary of the rules for the substantive promotion of LE officers. (In all cases, officers must have received a positive recommendation for promotion in their latest Appraisal Report).

    * Captain. Hold a SSC(LE) or SRC(LE). In due course newly commissioned LE officers will attend the 3 week LE Officers Course (LEOC) at RMAS.

    * Major. Hold a SSC(LE), SRC(LE) or Reg C(LE). Have been selected by No 5 Promotion Board. Officers enter the promotion zone on 1 Jan of the calendar in which they complete 6 years commissioned service. Officers remain in the promotion zone for four years leaving on 31 Dec of their fourth year in the zone.

    * Lieutenant Colonel. Hold a Reg C(LE). Have been selected by No 4 Promotion Board. Officers will be selected at age 51-52 for promotion at age 52-53.

    * Colonel. SSC(LE) and SRC(LE) officers who are converted to a DE Reg C may have the opportunity for promotion to Colonel and beyond, subject to Direct Entry promotion and selection criteria.

    * QARANC Only. QARANC nursing officers are commissioned as Lieutenants and promote under the current rules with antedated seniority calculated in accordance with Article 57 of the Army Pay Warrant 1964.
  8. NAP6W, how recent is that? I had a PM a month or two back which indicated their was to be no differences in the rules for promotion, i.e. the quartermaster commission would exist in name.
  9. Straight off the Army website.
  11. And more

  12. when i was speaking to the aforementioned ADJ he knows i am a L/cpl with 10 yrs service 3 of which with an OTC. he didn,t metion anything about having to be a S/Sgt or above??
  13. just remembered he told me i was to old (31) for the DEPO type course thingy?
  14. This site states 32 DETAPO

    You would be exempt module 1.
  15. Davie,
    I have also been told something like that by my old OC who is now 2i/c of the regiment. He said that it was minimum 5 years experience and minimum rank was Cpl.