TA lad does good in Afgan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 3milesniper, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Luke Cole was mobilised from 4 Mercian (V) when serving with 2 Mercian

    Story here

    The Sun

    Well Done Coley Get well soon mate
  2. Yet again true courage, unselfishness and loyalty shown by troops, ta and reg. Absoloute legends, the kinda stuff that makes you proud to serving in her majestys forces. Well done to all, RIP to the 2 killed and get well soon to those injured.
  3. What more can I say ?

    Except to send love and hugs to friends and families of all involved
  5. I shall be visiting Coley at Henley Court at the end of the week and buying him a very well earned Pint in fact I've got a feeling I'll be buying a few lads in there a pint or two
  6. An extraordinary story of courage in the fine traditions of you blokes of the British Army. Sincere condolences to the grieving and RIP to the fallen. :cry:
  7. Down Under cheers mate worked with the diggers in Iraq and down at Ali Al Saleem a fine and very generous bunch of blokes they were too from the CO to the RSM who all bought us a Swan ? Non Alcoholic Beer
  8. 3Mile, pass on my admiration, and sympathy for mates lost, to Coley for a oustanding job well done and also to the rest of the Unit. :salut:
    Well done the Brits for an outstanding job in a shithole of a place. You are still the benchmark for others to meet.
  9. An over used word I know but most certainly a hero.
  10. The picture of Sgt Lockett is quite haunting, the eyes demonstrate his demons.

    RIP the fallen.
  11. Fair play to the lad. Sounds like incredible stuff going on out there and hope he makes a good recovery.

    On another note, am guessing if he is at Henley Court, he was'nt bundled up and dropped outside his local accident and emergency department when returning to the UK. Is this evidence that injured TA are gonna get looked after more now govedrnement have been shamed over treatment of TA (or lack of) ??

  12. jots to be fair he was vsi when he was flown home and was kept heavily sedated for 3 weeks whilst in Selly Oak from what I saw his care was outstanding from the tri service and civvie medics,and whatever the twats in goverment do, we the regimental family take care of our own