TA Kit & Personal Accident Insurance


Do any of you have insurance?

Which is the best company to use?

and is it worth paying hundreds out each year for? (bearing in mind the odds of being attacked and killed by a sabre tooth squirrel on a weekend away in some forest being limited)

Cheers 8)
Looks like there isnt much interest in your question.....If i knew then what i know now i would have been covered to the hilt. Went 25 yrs Reg / TA not a problem until the accident, then you find out just how bad things are...... Sabre tooth squirrel or not get enough insurance , you just never know...


I certainly wish I had kit insurance after last weekend.
Anyone found an etrex Legend on CTA?

As to personal insurance, i did take out the package recommended by Chillwell (Trinity) on mob last year, but to be honest in the cold light of day it's pretty pants. I'll probably cancel it and see what else is out there.. I know PAX is supposed to be good but haven't checked prices. http://www.paxinsurance.co.uk/ if you're interested.

Got Pax insurance when deployed. Only problem is that they do not cover your kit whilst en route to theatre/back home in the MFO boxes - as I found out when I got my MFO box back smashed to bits (thanks RAF!). Having said that, for UK FTXs etc they are good.
Used to have kit insurance with wilsons hogg robinson but they would only cover items on temp issue up to £1000 so not much use if you lose a cws/landrover.
Kit insurance is expensive for what it provides but you can also bolt on home contents etc. You may be able to add military kit to existing home contents as part of an all risks deal. As for personal injury read the small print may not cover whilst on active service e.g. iraq. For some companies active service means whilst in military uniform. The crunch will come when it is time to claim. People get claims declined on critical illness policies because they did not declare to the insurance company that they went to the Drs with a cold 10 years ago. The truth of the matter is some companies will weasel out of anything to avoid paying out a potentially substantial claim.

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