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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Penguin357, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. I am a novice TA soldier in 16AA, and have just passed TA P Coy. Anyone any knowledge on how I would get myself on a jumps course? What personality I would need to see or any way to contact the people who run the course?

  2. The bloke who will definitely have the answer is The_Duke. PM him just in case he misses this post.

    As I note that you're new to the site, click on this link:>> http://www.arrse.co.uk/naafi-bar/195560-kromeriz.html << WAIT FOR IT! click on his username (post #8 ), click on Private Message and away you go. OK, you can click on the link now.
  3. You could PM msr (in lower case, this auto-linking is a pain in the backside), but all you'll get will be "Speak to your PSI".
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    However, just like the proverbial broken clock, msr would be correct in this case.

    Your PSI will be responsible for loading you onto the course so speak to him first. You will not be able to load yourself onto the course without going through your unit so don't waste your time trying to.
  5. .............I cannot believe that a TA Recruit that has just passed his P Coy course, has no idea how the system works to get him fully qualified as a member of 4 Para?

    To pass TA P Coy, he'd most probably have done about 6 months worth of TA recruit training.

    So he should know the answer!

    Either that, or the Recruit training staff & PSI's involved arn't doing their jobs, & I don't for one minute believe that!
  7. Thanks for the help putteesinmyhands & The_Duke. Twothreeuptwothreedown I am not 4 Para, I am also aware of who I need to see with regards to 'endorsed' courses in my unit. Jumps would not be one of these courses, which makes my life hard & my PSI unhelpful.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If the jumps course is not "endorsed" then you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting on it because:

    1. Places are very much in demand, and are prioritised for those whose PiDs are established for them.
    2. Your unit would need to approve you attending for MTDs etc
    3. There is an element of pre-course training (unless it has changed dramatically, happy to be corrected) which is organised by - you guessed it - your unit.

    You have either just done some extra phys for shits and giggles, need to get your unit onside and hope for a place or need to transfer to a unit established for Para slots.
  9. Hang on: your unit has just put you through P Coy but does not require you to parachute? Either there is something very strange going on here or the Army is even more wasteful and disorganised than I thought. Do tell.
  10. Unless what you mean by this is, will my newly acquired skill get me more sex with members of the opposite sex?
    To which the answer is unlikely
  11. go Aircrew.
  12. I think it's what they refer to as 'free phys' haha. Yeah slightly wasteful, character building/development & representing the battalion and all that good stuff I guess though.
  13. Oh well, good luck to you! And well done for passing. Just confused as to which 16AA unit sees fit to send you on P Coy but doesn't require you to jump?

  14. It is strange but then, years ago, the different Corps would put blokes through AAPC & Brize/Abingdon in preparation to sending fully qualified blokes to the Bde when required.

    If they didn't join the Bde straight after the courses, they would go back to their original ones wearing "Parachute Badge" without wings....The Lightbulb!

    Once they were posted in to an Airborne unit, they would become eligible to wear the BBC.

    That doesn't mean a few bluffers, didn't whack the full wings up on the quiet!
    I remind you of the SPAG walters!


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  15. At least the Doctor in that picture has done her jumps, and is (or was) a member of a unit that requires people to be qualified to jump. Oh, and she would also have been entitled to her SP.