TA joining Reg advise plz!

Hi there,

I am RLC TA, although have only just finished my training in Winchester. I am currently undergoing the process of joining the regs. Which is different from civvie going in regs, which i have only just found out as my recruiter did it all wrong and 3 months in have had to start the process all over again. :x

I have applied for RMP, but now seeing a bit of army life, although through TA and fishing my dad for information (he's been infantry for 32 years) I have decided that maybe this is not the right path for me.

Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to swap capbadges once they are already in? I have the int corps as my second choice and i think that this is really more my scene.

Does anyone know the procedure for TA joining regs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the TA forum part of Arrse might be better to post this on.

Also, there's been a few people asking the same question about swapping capbadges whilst in. Use the search function and you might find your answer.
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I am in the process too I don't think it is all that different the only difference I have is that I put my # and unit on the application form??

Perhaps, if you have to start again with your application, you could change your chosen career path at this point? It's worth asking.

Good Luck
It's not too much different. Your TA service is scrutinised and compared to what you need to do to pass Ph1 training (as you aren't going into the same Reg cap badge as your TA one). If they think that you have done enough Skill at arms, drill, etc etc to not need Ph1 (if your TA training has been relevant enough) then they may send you to Ph2.

If it is judged that your TA training hasn't been in depth enough and it sounds like you have said you just finished your TA training (3 weeks?), then they may want you to do Ph1 training in full, probably Pirbright if Int Corps and over 18. This will ensure you have the same "building blocks" in your CV as the other people on your Ph2 course (like do you know the same basic things as them or will you not have covered it in your TA course).

Of course, as to the exact mechanics of which forms to fill out and where to go, I don't know, but I think you may end up doing Phase1 training at Pirbright and then going to Phase2. If you are to attend Phase1 training capbadged RMP (also Pirbright), you can ask to change cap badge when at a certain stage of Phase 1 training.
Thanks for everyones response, I've been having problems getting online so sorry I havent replied faster. dont want you to think I'm being ignorant.

As it goes I went to the recruiting office yesterday and I asked the sgt in charge of my application. I will have to do my phase 1 and phase 2, because no my TA training wouldnt cover all the stuff in reg phase 1. Like we only had to do a 4 mile tab rather than a 8 miler. You cant really compare 6 weekends and a fortnight away to 14 full weeks.

And he said i dont have to make my final decision until i'm on selection, so all is ok. I've decided definately to go for Incorps if i can get in though! So fingers crossed, got my interview coming up now, as all my forms are back from Glasgow! Wooo

Thanks again for everyones input and advise.

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