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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RfnGeordie, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. does anyone have any idea of the supposedly new system for JNCO promotion in the infantry...

    rumour central says the current JNCO's course at ITC catterick (commencing 22nd Mar) is going to be the last one done there

    i've heard either its all going to be done in house...or possibly at brigade RTC's where they do officer type training etc etc

    any ideas?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Ask your PSI.

  3. Think RTCs are probably struggling with the workload they've got now. That and the fact the permanent staff don't or rarely work at the weekends

    As far as PJNCOs Cadre goes you'd be better off with a battalion run course, with input from PSIs etc if you can't get one at Catterick.

    Only my opinion of course.
  4. The problem with Bn run courses is one of numbers. People either have to wait ages for a course date to ensure the numbers are decent, or end up doing a PJNCO cadra with 6 blokes.
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I wasn't aware that that any in-house Bn cadres were still being run. Wasn't this all centralised at ITC (C) a while back?

    Mattythekingo - where did you hear about it reverting to Battalion? That does sound a bit bizarre. I can see PJNCO cadres being held at IBS Brecon if only because that's where the Regular course is.

    An interesting point above about Bn run courses being under attended. It probably explains why lads get pushed on courses as soon as they're eligible regardless of actual suitability.
  6. the last of our lads to do it says they said while he was at catterick it was the last course being done there

    doesn't really bother me where it is just want to get on it

    and we're not allowed to speak to the PSI directly must go through chain of command, i've asked every week since oh about november but i couldn't do the course in december they offered me and have had no real answer since
  7. AFAIK its been taken off ITC and handed back to Battalions. My Battalion is planning on running one on Camp this year. In future maybe they'll be handed over to RTC's to manage?

    Personally I think it will lead to a dilution of standards, especially if the course is run over several weekends. You need more than a weekend of sleep deprivation and pressure to see people's true colours.
  8. Our battalion ran one but it was not advertised very well so had very few take up .
  9. Running it at ITC is a good way of doing it. Same standard for every inf JNCO, leaving it up to the Bn's to run will encourage a mish mash of differences, and no standard. However a move to IBS Brecon would be good.
  10. My Unit did an in house JNCO's cadre last year at camp, they did have help with DS from Catterick though.
  11. I heard it was moving to Pirbright :-S
  12. Just heard from catterick, they are all still being run their