TA JNCO Drill Instructor

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shadow4, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone done this course lately??

    Those that have, what is the kit list? Is it Number 2 dress or combat 95's? Ammo boots or Assault boots etc etc

    Many Thanks
  2. you freely admit to going on this course????..get yourself a life and go on a Dems/SAA course or any other useful course..what the hell do you hope to gain by shouting at other like minded feck wits and marching about like a c**k?....how feckin stupid!!!
  3. What a f***ing waste of time, MTDs, accommodation and rations.

    Regular training staff will teach recruits drill when they do their courses. Thereafter TA personnel march approximately once a year, if that, on Remembrance Sunday.

    You just want to go and mince around in shiny boots and a little stick don't you!
  4. I`m pretty sure there isn`t a TA JNCO Drill course,however there definatley is a SNCO drill course ignore the winners who have already posted their own comments,they are the sort of individuals that make the TA look stupid because they can`t even fecking halt correctly,its ok doing all the warry course`s but if you can`t get drill and turnout right you will forever look like a mong! If a regular soldier completes its in 16 weeks basic WTF shouldn`t a TA guy?

    Yeah its fine doing OPs and mobilisations but ffs get the basics right first!

    All best mate
  5. I agree, I couldn't imagine trying too take an enemy gun position and not know how to carry out an about turn smartly! The enemy can tell if your drill is sloppy and you'll be the first to cop it!
    You cnut!
  6. Infantry Assualt Pioneer - Done It
    All Arms Skill At Arms - Done It
    Landing Point Commander/Rigger Marshaller - Done It

    Anymore courses I 'NEED' to attend before being deemed suitable for Drill Instructors????
  7. Basic drill is taught by the unit, ie TA instructors on TAFS. Whilst there are changes afoot, there will allways be a need for Drill Pigs. Military bearing and turnout are part of TA life and those of you putting down someone who wishes to do a course should consider those individuals within our units who do not do military courses and direct their comments in that direction.
  8. Thanks for the voice WhiteHorse...

    May The Horse Be With You.....
  9. But then alot of regs cannot march properly - ask any Sapper!
  10. Lobster change your avatar, making me hard man...
  11. Hey Shadow4,how about the NEED to get 'a sense of humour' course? or 'learning to be a humble person' course? you have a c**k name and are more of a c**k for getting your knickers in a twist for getting a little ribbing!! ...do you starch you lance jack chevron, you feckin mong!..drill and barking words of command belong to certain units that i never played with....ooh, i done this course, ooh, i done that course..99.9% of soldiers rightly hate drill. and see it as a barely neccesary evil, btw, why don't you put yourself on the 'cleaning the mess silver' course, or how to be a 'brown nose mong course'? you can still climb up the greasy pole of promotion with acting like a throwback to National feckin' service...are you a monkey....seems like something else you'd be be proud of, drill is for mongs who need to be told how to put one step in front of the other without tripping over themselves...feckin enjoy it, you weasle!!....only bullys and jumped up nobs like drill...must be something to do with being abused as a child or something?

    ..god, what a c**k...in my mob, you would have been beaten to a pulp for even wanting to do a drill course..what's your ambition? feckin' arms storeman or mess waiter?

    ...oh, and i was a chunky Csgt ,so feck you and your Ast pnr dems training..go tie a knot.

    ...cor, that was a good rant!!...can't wait to find another 'bone' thread to tear into......oh yeah, white horse, you are a nob too...
  12. And there speaks someone who OBVIOUSLY wanted to do it but couldn't. Some limp dick Inf type from a second rate county regiment of inbred chavs that'll be 150 bods short coz they look sh'ite on parade! See that pile of steaming elephant poo? That's your regt colours that is! See them biffs with leg irons on? That's your best marching on rememberance day that is!

  13. ha ha,CNM, like it....leg irons on parade?..feckin funny mate..Reggie colours? that's for mobs who need a marker in case they get lost.....I'm not from a second rate anything...just a bod with 23 service in the greenjackets who was still bashing out sub 40 minute 5 milers with 35 lb of kit on at 40 years old , i won't bite cos i'm still smiling at your reply......i just get concerned that the army takes on people who need to be shouted out to do the obvious, all that stamping of feet and getting highly excited cos someone twitched out of time never done it for me mate, was more interested in being a modern, professional soldier on duty (and you can still have fun while doing that)... and a feckin hooligan off it....guess i found the right mob to serve in eh?

    ....don't stick up for drill pigs mate, just think what they would be like if they had any real power?....all that nicking young toms and being bullys cos they aint got no mates....
  14. Not even in the army and i know drill must have a point on account of it bieng how many years old and used by how many different forces in how many different countries...Something to do with discipline and bieng part of a team me thinks but i cant comment because i havent even started basic yet. BUT i can see pointless flaming over an internet forum by fully grown men who have probobly both served in the best army in the world. Grow the fcuk up.
  15. Hey Bradshaw, you blew it in the first three sentences....this aint flamming you nig, just squaddies having a wind up...btw, do some pointless marching up and down, in all weathers, get put on jankers for being out of step - do the weekend guard instead of going home cos you were shite at drill..then tell me you love marching about while being shouted at like you're a naughty schoolboy....grown mean hate drill,it 's for recruits and mongs like you're gonna be, so wind your feckin' neck in!!!..gobby nig already and he aint even in!!..and what's with 'there must be a point on account of it being many years old'...oh man, what a laugh - learn quickly Bradmong, half the things you do in this mans army have no point whatso feckin ever...we only follow orders to stay out of jail!

    there's some that loves drill, there's some that dont.....seem to remember the ACF doing a lot of the shouting lark as well?..any connection?

    you gotta be like, 16 years old?...i shouldn't really hassle you, please forgive me...guess you're have to find out how useful drill is yourself..enjoy!