Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 17, 2003.

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  1. Who do I have to talk to, to get involved in this?

    No one at unit level, seems to know a bloody thing.
  2. Er......what or who is "TA ISTARS", is it like Popstars ?  Or does it have something to do with ISTAR ?  Explain and someone might be able to tell you more !
  3. oooooops ISTAR singular Istar....


  4. but still, what do you want to know?
  5. I have a loose understand of wht it is about, and I guess, it's going to be very relevant in the future.

    What I wanted to know was, are there any courses etc coming up?


  6. there aren't any specific istar courses as far as i know, but it is covered quite well in the recce tactics course, which is open to inf and armour cpl's and upwards. very good cse but lots of orders to do.
  7. Thanks Quiller

    Will mention it tonight


  8. Oh, cruel...... not just orders, it's heavy on navigation and physical stuff. Be fit.

    For the TA Infantry, the course is.....demanding.......

    :) OK, so I did it in the early 1990s, at Netheravon, but that last two-miler is still stuck in my memory..... (Yes, take the bergens and GPMGs :( )

    You might also want to consider the various STANOC courses, less well-known but still relevant.
  9. i did the last RAC version which was much more relaxed and civilised in the late 90's, but the inf and rac tp ldr's recce cse's are combined now and are run by warminster.
  10. ISTAR, or RISTA..recce, intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition.  That covers an awful lot. From section commanders crawling forward to have a look over the next berm to satellite imaging of Saddam's missile silos....   So there isn't an ISTAR course as such.  But obviously there are recce and int courses of all sorts.  Depends what you're into - and what unit you are with.  For example, if you are green slime there's lots in the "I" and some of the "TA" , if you are a grunt or tanky, then there are different courses.  The TA does actually have a "STA" regiment that does deep surveillance & target aqcuisition - the HAC - subject of another thread on here somewhere that is largely full of boll*x (the thread, not the regiment....though opinions differ).
  11. There is a coarse run by DISS at chicksands, the course info in the training DCI. See your PSI for info.