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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    If you are booked on this course you may well be getting a call to confirm you are coming as it seems they are short of instructors...

  2. Email last week from APC....they'd better not cancel TA ISC II as I've just spent the last week preparing for and getting thru MK2VA ! Glad I got my last required days in last week...just in case we get another "TA fires...TA stops...UNLOAD..DO NOT fire off the action !"
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Turns out they have cut numbers from 77 to 66 and also it is no longer a requirement for promotion to Major.

  4. Really? I was binned off the course last year during the Op KNEEJERK debacle - I've been distinctly cool about re-attending since, to be honest.
  5. Really, don't tell the Col, the only reason I got nominated was the requirement for promotion...
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I was surprised but that is what I was told today by the course XO: Contact Details — TA ISC which may explain why we keep getting f**ked about by Shrivenham. I will contact the SO2 at Glasgow tomorrow for chapter and verse (well, a DIN anyway)

    In the mean time, here is what TA Regs has to say on the matter.

    Annex J to Chapter 4 TA Regs para 3:

    3. Captain to Major. Except for those excused under the provisions of para 4.090 and Appendix 1 to Annex J/4, to qualify for promotion to major, officers are required to pass the Intermediate Staff Course (ISC) or Junior Staff Course (JSC(TA)) for ATOS officers. The introduction of a single qualification for promotion to substantive rank of major does not remove the requirement for officers to have such additional qualifications as may be laid down by their A&SD for appointment to specific position or employment.

    Para 4.090 excludes RAChD, AMS, AGC(ALS)
    Appendix 1 excludes SASC, 15 Psyops, SPS, ETS and General list.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    The man from 'nham says you don't need TA ISC for promotion, but Glasgow, TA Regs and P&P say you do. Sadly the SO2 who can give a definitive answer is away this week.

    It worries me that the people running what is (as it currently stands) a mandatory course for promotion don't think that it is so important and hence may not be giving it the priority it needs...

  8. I wonder how many of those officers loaded onto this year’s TA ISC are actually:

    · Selected for, or recommended for a staff appointment at Grade 2 or 3 level and Bn 2ICs

    · Officers about to take up an FTRS staff post.

    Who have not completed JCSC(TA).

    I cannot believe that there are 132 officers who are going into staff jobs this year who have not done JCSC(TA)! Surely we should not be training those who are not going into staff jobs in the next year, or those who simply need to get an annual camp. I would suggest that in straitened times we might need to be a bit more ruthless about MTDs. TA ISC is not required for promotion any more.
  9. BigHorse do you have a reference that says TAISC is no longer a requirement for promotion?
  10. And TACSC is to be completed to qualify for Lt Col (not just staff jobs) posts hence the demand (TA Regs Chap 4 Annex J/4 para 4).

  11. Which is a drama as its been binned for the all new, joint and utterly pants ACSC(R)
  12. 2008DIN07-056 states that ISC is being introduced but makes no mention of it not being a requirement for promotion to Major. TA Regs states that it is a requirement as per msr's post abovew and this is confirmed in the extract from P&P below:

    c. Promotion to Maj (less PQO ) – filtering rules. The requirements for promotion to Maj are:

    (1) Promotion zone:

    (a) Entry into zone (AToS officers). Substantive rank can be granted at age 34 with 2 ARs in the substantive rank of Capt, if a vacancy exists. However, acting rank may be granted at age 29. Exceptionally, if an officer has received 5 ARs in the substantive rank of Capt they can be filtered in for consideration at age 32.

    (b) Entry into zone (LToS officers). LToS officers are eligible to be considered for promotion after 5 ARs as a substantive Capt .

    (c) Exit from zone. Officers shall remain eligible for promotion into any position where the date of assumption of the position is not less than 3 years before their EED; hence no officer should be considered for promotion beyond that point .

    (2) Guiding principles for filtering. Officers will filter in for consideration when:

    (a) They remain in zone for promotion.

    (b) They have received a positive 2RO recommendation of at least ‘yes’ (suitable now) for promotion 1 rank up in their latest AR. Officers with a recommendation of ‘developing (dev)’ in their latest AR do not filter in for consideration.

    (c) Those officers who have missed an AR may carry forward a 2RO recommendation from their most recent AR.

    (d) Unless exempt , they have attended the Junior Staff Course (TA) (JSC(TA)) or Military Knowledge Part 2 (MK2) (Regular package not the (V) course). JSC(TA) and MK2 will be replaced as a qualification for promotion by the Intermediate Staff Course (ISC). Both courses will be accepted until 1 Apr 2012. MK2(V)A must be completed prior to attendance on ISC.

    (e) They have successfully completed such other promotional qualification as required by respective A&SD.

    (f) Officers commissioning via the Soldier Entry commissioning process will not be required to complete MK1(V) and JOTAC, but must have completed Late Entry Officers Course (LEOC(V)) as well as MK2(V)A and ISC.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    So if you have done the full fat MK2 and are looking to promote before 1 Apr 12, then you don't need JSC(TA) or ISC?

  14. That's how I'd interpret P&P as well: JSC(TA) or MK2(Regular) or MK2(V)&ISC(TA).

    Clear as mud.
  15. I quote the Defence Academy website:

    Territorial Army Intermediate Staff Course (TA ISC)The Territorial Army Intermediate Staff Courses 2010 will take place 4 - 15 October 2010 and 25 October - 5 November 2010
    The Territorial Army Intermediate Staff Courses 2010 will take place 4 - 15 October 2010 and 25 October - 5 November 2010TA ISC & The Army DivisionTA ISC is planned and delivered by the Regular Army staff of the Army Division, which forms part of the Joint Command and Staff College (JSCSC) at Shrivenham. JSCSC is in turn one of the constituent colleges that together form the Defence Academy. When not delivering TA ISC the principal focus of the Army Division is to deliver the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land) (ICSC(L)) to all newly promoted Regular Army Majors.

    Course AimTo prepare selected officers for employment in TA Grade 2 staff appointments.

    Course EndstateThe end-state of the course is for a TA officer to have the requisite analytical and communications skills, professional knowledge and understanding to be capable, under supervision, of filling a TA Grade 2 staff appointment.


    These are some of the more often asked questions so far:

    1. Do I need to do this course to promote to Major?

    Answer- No. The rules changed in 2008. Attending TAISC is not required for promotion to Major. It is a course to tarin TA Officers who are about to start SO2 (and a few SO3) Appointments. Ref: 2008DIN07-056 dated 1 Jun 2008.1.

    2. I am not loaded on the course - can I come as a travelling reserve?

    Answer - You should speak to APC to see what vacancies are available. Due to instructor numbers there are a finite number of places. The course has been reduced in numbers down to 66 already and APC has a reserve list. Consequently officers are strongly discouraged from travelling without a guaranteed place.