Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Dry_Clean_Only, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. So, this might be in the wrong forum, and if that is the case please point me rapidly to the right one, however if not...

    Now that TA Junior Staff College has been replaced with Intermediate Staff College (first course commencing Oct 09), does anyone have an idea of the content. Is it a "very" simplified version of the Regular equivalent or is it something else?

    I gather it is the same length but was wondering if other than beating my head against the screen over Mk2 (insert version+V), that was any other preparation I could get on with?

    Thanks for your wisdom!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I think you have your answer here.
  3. I was vaguely hoping that someone might have some inside info, but pipe dreams and all that...
  4. Just heard that ISC(TA) is know a pre-requisite for promotion to Major...

    When did this pop up, and why is it not the OCD handbook?
  5. My understanding, from the last JSC (TA) last September, was that MK2(V) is the prerequisite for promotion and that most of the students on ISC (TA) should be newly promoted Majors. Apart from the shift to the right in terms of career management timeline, the content was, at that time, expected to vary little from that of the JSC.
  6. Nope, go and have a look at P & P 2009. It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, P & P is the only authority as MCM Div will not allow a board to promote you unless you are jumping through their hoops. This is now the promotion course for sub unit command unless you already hold a JSC(TA) or Regular MK2 pass. So the newly promoted majors you speak of will be those who do not already hold those passes, but have managed to get acting rank for sub unit command whilst they gain the qualifications required to hold their appointment!
  7. I do not doubt you at all, Zenith, but that would suggest that ISC (TA) is exactly the same qualification/course as JSC (TA), but with a name change in order to appear that career progression for Territorial Officers is being brought into line with that of their Regular counterparts...
  8. As well as the mysterious "Sub-Unit Commanders Course", which as far as I can tell, most of the Arms and Service haven't sorted out yet for the TA...

    Regardless of P&P, it seems that this has been poorly communicated to TA units, most of whom are working from the plethora of memoranda issued by MCM div, TA Regs, and the OCD handbook (which states as per Tarpaulin's view above).

    ...and yes, ISC(TA) does indeed look like JSC(TA), with one letter changed!
  9. I agree with both points, first Royal Signals Officer Commanding Designate Course (SUC Trg) will be this July apparently - the weekend before TA OCs to be do the Regular OCs to be course!
  10. According to the nominal role for the forthcoming TA ISC, all candidates are Captains, with only one Major as an exception.

    It is the pre-req for sub unit command, and all forth coming sub unit commanders will require MK2, ISC and approrriate Corp/Arm training where appliable. Like JOTAC and Mk1, anyoone apparently promoted to Capt who did JOTES in the last few years will have to now attend JOTAC/Mk1 again, looks pretty the same for MK2 and ISC.
  11. I promoted to Capt by passing Jotes, then the rules changed to make me do MK1 and JOTAC, I thought the same would happen again so did JSC(TA) and MK2 (Regular). Totally vindicated as the same has happened again!
  12. msr

    msr LE

    No requirement for you to attend TA ISC.

    From the 2008DIN07-056

    Officers who have completed JSC(TA) will be exempt from ISC attendance.

  13. Sorry, I must have been unclear. Already promoted and knew that I did not need to attend - only fear is that the course is actually decent, cos JSC (TA) was gash and a complete waste of time - JOTAC was far better although even that is a two week course stretched over three weeks for the Arabs! So slightly fearful that having jumped all the hurdles they have actually introduced a well considered course that fits the training need in ISC (although pretty certain it will be trump)!!
  14. JOTAC was excellent, with a couple of exceptions, it was the only time that I think I drank my body's weight in alcohol over a period of two weeks, and it's spot on for showing that TA actually are pretty good on the tactic's side. :)
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Obviously an improvement if the clowns on my JSC (TA) were anything to go by then!

    The 7Qs and MAPEX produced some absolutely stunning displays of tactical ignorance from a number of people.

    The TA RE Capt (ex Reg RE JNCO) suggesting that the manual clearance of an AP minefield by night as part of the final bound from the FUP to the assault was a reasonable tactical plan will scar me to my dying day. LOD at the forward edge of a minefield within 200m of the enemy, anyone?

    The look on the DS face was however a thing of beauty!