Ta is it anything like the real army?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scouser06, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Just woundring because I was thinking of joining this because its only a few weeks a year,and if I did'nt like it would be better than not likeing 4years in the real one than a few months in the ta

    Would I know by going into this that I would like or dislike the real army?
  2. You have to be cleverer to be in the TA.

  3. I wasn’t aware that the MoD has been sending pretend soldiers to Iraq…

    why do these ill-informed cnuts keep asking the same dull questions

  4. If your interested in the army stuff you'll Love the TA because you'll get to do a lot of things that they do in the regs and you'll have a lot of fun doing them but you'll need to do more then just a few months to get to the realy interesting stuff (when you first join there is a lot of Bone shit) but once your past that you can realy enjoy yourself. JOIN JOIN JOIN.

    P.S I dont know how it compares to the regs cos i was never in the regs

    P.P.S Dont ever refer to the Regs as the real army cos thats saying we're not the real army and we're just playing games AND THAT PISSES ME OFF
  5. scouser,

    In your case I think the answer is yes, try the TA and see if you like it, but I did that and chose not to join the regulars. That was because I joined a local infantry unit, if I'd joined a corps I would have gone for if I was going regular then I think I would gone full time.
  6. Window lickers need not apply.
  7. Why don't you join the League of Frontiersman???
  8. it says on the army site something like you only do like a few weekends and about a full 2weks a year?
    So what do you actually do there?
    Will you be sent to help fight?

    Oh I was thinking of going in the sigs or transport in the ta but just the inf in the regular army
  9. We have drill nights once a week for two hours where we train in either military skills, trade skills or fitness.
    One – three weekends a month are spent training in either military skills or trade.
    There are countless opportunities for adventure training.
    Two weeks a year are spent on annual camp which again could be either military skills, trade, but more likely both.

    You will be highly likely to be called up to serve along side the regs, probably somewhere hot and sandy for six months. You can also volunteer to serve at any point once you are fully trained.

    You don’t have to turn up to every drill night or weekend and you can leave whenever you like.

    It’s not a reg (real army) and TA (pretend army), it’s reg (full time army) TA (part time army).
    We train to the same standards as our regular counterparts but because we don’t have as much time to train as they do, it takes a long time for a TA soldier to reach the same standard.

    It’s challenging & hard work but bloody good fun and if you’re interested in joining the regular army then the TA is a good place to start.
  10. I'm a reg, and i've worked with tonnes of TA soldiers all over the world, one of them was a good lad,he used to be a reg.

    TeHe :lol:
  11. I am a member of the TA and in the 20 years and in that time I have seen a handful of good PSI's, the rest are looking for the soft option, going on pre release courses, feathering their own nest or trying to bone all the women. Point is there are good and bad in the Regs and the TA, the point made by 'hallveg' uses such a wide brush he is obviously aiming to be a painter once he gets out.
  12. nope a comedian, for twas naught but a jest, check out the the little smiley dude after the TeHe it sort of gives it away wouldn't ya say?
    be real mate we all know how much we need yas cos if it wasn't for you lot i would have to do tours and that would suck eh?
  13. The TA will give you a glimpse of what the Regular Army is like. A good Terrier should have their "soldiers" head on for drill nights, Week ends and Annual camps.
    As stated above, the required personal skills of a TA soldier are the same as those of a Regular. However the lack of time for training means that the progress to being "fully trained" takes longer, as well as there being a perenial issue of the need for refresher training.

    You may be called to Active Service and perhaps do "soldier's things" during that time. It should be kept in mind that ALL Enlistments can be called a "Unlimited Liability Contract on Your Life".

    But if you want a good Laugh, meet some great people and have something to look upon as a personal achievement, both the Regulars and territorials are an option.
  14. HA HA :D :D :D
  15. Spot on IndianaDel. Depends on which unit or corps you join. Some of the TA is still working to cold war methods, some care little for the soldier, whilst some are very good units, with high standards, and career manage their soldiers, and make sure they are lookied after on ops. I know what I wish I was in