TA intro night - advice?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by arby, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Got my TA intro night tonight, any advice? Im coming straight from the office so will be wearing suit, will this make me look like an arrse? Any questions I should be asking, other than committment level rqd, current employer issues & fitness levels?

    cheers in advance.
  2. Be sure to ask if Parade-night drunken buffoonery will violate your ASBO.
  3. Those are the right questions you need to be asking, just go in and have a good time! You should get a walk around the TAC (TA Centre) and should be able to pick a great deal up as well. Oh and a suit is smart, noone has been called an arrse for looking smart, have they?

    Hopefully you shouldn't be the only new one and have someone else with a goldfish expression to go chat to!

    Have a good one, let us know what you think!

  4. cheers sparky, I'll let you know how I get on.
  5. The TA INtro night is for you to have a look at the Army and for the Army to have a look at you. The very fact that you are going straight from work already shows a level of suitablility. Enjoy, who knows you may well even become a soldier.

  6. Questions to ask:

    How long is training?
    What happens on a drill night/weekend/annual camp?
    Whats the actual role of the unit, what trade courses, oputunities are there?
    What is required of me (min days, w/e etc)?
    How bigs the unit, whats a regular atendence for a drill night/weekend?
    What are the chances of mobilisation?

    Most of this info could be gleaned from the web or pams but it show interest, those that sit there with a gormless look or a smug know it all attitude don't go down too well
  7. Tip up in fancy dress and reeking of booze. Make a mental note of peoples reactions. Anyone who laughs - befriend them. Anyone who raises an eyebrow - steer clear of.
  8. If you get chance speak to the lads that are there training, you'll guage a better idea of what the unit is like from them rather than just speaking to "We're the best unit" Recruiting Staff.
  9. Yeah, stop off to have a couple of pints before you get there, that'll help you relax a bit, ask questions like 'how much do I get paid' 'how quickly can I get to be an officer' 'where's the f****** armoury' 'any birds round here' oh yes and the classic, 'are you looking at me mate!'
    Seriously though everone is nervous, but no need to be, you won't be there long, the drill weekend will be the time when you need to do your best, I got in first time, some don't, but they come back next time and get in. Some will be wearing suits, others will be in jeans, I felt a prat because I was wearing jeans, no doubt they felt prats because they were wearing suits, it does'nt matter, just relax, and be friendly, your all in the same boat.
  10. cheers lads, its the QOY and Ive had a good nose at the website so thats given me some ideas. I do fancy getting half way through and saying really loudly "win de ah git ma grenades?!", first impressions and all that.
  11. Or, one question I heard, "do you get trained to use knives, you know, knife fighting"
  12. I suggest " The the posh cahnts with sticks up they jacksies are orificers, yeah
  13. Yeah, you'll see a strange shifty bunch on your first night there, keep clear of the nutters though, unless of course your a nutter, and if you are, seek them out, they'll be the ones lurking in the corners looking for the armoury!
  14. lol, cheers, sadly, Im no airsofter and the biggest knife I own is a breadknife. Just looking for fitness and experience.
  15. You'l want to get a new knife then feller, preferably a water-proof one. It comes in handy on some of the courses!

    Ignore the shite and have a good night.