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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mcjones, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Hello, advice please. I've applied to join the Intelligence Corps and my local TA unit is in Newport (South Wales). I have a 'visit the unit and have a chat' meeting on November 10. Any advice on what I'm likely to expect?

    Because I'm 39, I'm unable to join as an officer I'm concerned I might be performing tasks which might be, erm, how do I say it, a little bit basic for my education, experience etc and I'll end up getting bored.

    My initial plan was to transfer to media ops after 12 months, as this is this is where my experience lies. Again, I've been advised that if I start without rank, I'll be performing tasks I could do with my eyes closed.

    Can anyone advise on the reality?

  2. I think I can advise that the person interviewing you on November 10th has already read this post and you're fcked.
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  3. The purpose of the initial "meet and greet" is to give you an overview of what the unit does and is by no means a "pass or fail" kind of affair. This will then give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of comitment, training and role within the Army as a whole.

    A word of warning though, I would strongly suggest you don't infer (as per your post) that anything below comissioned officer rank would be "below your intellectual capabilities".

    Edited to add... "just re-read this and wanted to say...oh cr@p is this a wah?"
  4. Hard to answer your question about whether you will be bored or not as we dont know what your previous experience and qualifications etc are. You don't say if you have any previous military service- but I presume not.

    However if what you are really after is a commision in Media Ops and you have relevant civvy media experience then why not talk to either the RN or RAF Media Ops units.

    Media Ops is pretty much run on a tri service basis but the RAF and RN are much more flexible on officer age limits and to be honest the training requirements are quite a bit less stringent (less physical and shorter courses) , and more suited to the "mature applicant".
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Why not go straight to Media Ops?

  6. I'll give you a straight answer to your question, ignoring the possibility of a windup and noting your apparent lack of military experience.

    Generally, in the TA Int Corps the soldiers (eg me) do the interesting stuff, while the officers get to do the admin. (No doubt my boss would disagree but he's got a pile of SJARs to work through.) Unless you've got more quals than Stephen Hawking you will not be out of the ordinary among your peers in an academic sense.

    Parts of Phase 1 will drag academically because now it's centralised and multi-capbadge they have to aim at the lowest common denominator. But it's a lot more than presentations and unless you're beating everyone else on fitness, shooting and so on then best just to jump through the hoop with everyone else.

    Trade training isn't an attendance course either.

    Then you'll be posted to a Coy and start some real work.

    Oh, and if your goal is to do media ops then you may well expect to be questioned on why you didn't just apply to a unit that does that.
  7. Thanks very much for your responses to my naive questions and apologies if I've offended anyone. As for why I can't go direct to media ops, I was told I have to gain at least a year's military experience first. Seems reasonable.
    Your points about doing real work, as opposed to paperwork are also valid. I was flapping in response to issues raised by an NCO regular I know.
    As far as fitness goes, this is why I want to join a TA unit. I may be a bit long in the tooth, but I'm fitter than I've ever been.
    Sadly, no my education is not on a par with Mr Hawking, so I think I'll be fine, that is, if I fit the bill.